About the author of this blog

Daniel Harran’s scientific training included a Doctorate in Thermodynamics. Thereafter, he was an Assistant to Profesor and a lecturer in physics. The exercise of his profession led him little by little to feel the limits of this too materialistic science, which does not allow to understand certain phenomena qualified as mysterious, or relegated in the category of the paranormal or the supernatural.

Intrigued and attracted by these real phenomena but rejected outside the field of interest of science, he first devoted himself to the study of crop circles, which is the most spectacular way in which the world invisible is for men. He was able to offer a hitherto unprecedented interpretation, which involves the reappropriation of old and forgotten knowledge about the entities which live in parallel planes, in particular the nature beings (or elementals).

Very attached to the rigor of reasoning, he applied himself to follow a rational approach, without being influenced by the materialist vision of the world which is omnipresent in today’s society.

He then widened his field of study to UFOs, then to other material phenomena unexplained by science. Based on this knowledge, interpretation has come to the conclusion that these phenomena are, more often than not, manifestations of natural beings. These represent a very diverse parallel world and, like men, inhabit the Earth. These phenomena are therefore Inter-Dimensional Manifestations, and can be gathered under the name of IDIM.

About this blog

This blog is the continuation of a website created by Daniel Harran, and dedicated to the study of IDIM (crop circles and UFOs in particular), and is complimentary to the website. The blog will allow a better connection between the author of this research, and people who, like him, feel the attraction of these signs sent to humans by entities from the invisible worlds. Comments and questions submitted to this blog, (along with the responses), could lead to a better understanding of these phenomena and to a better knowledge of the originating entities. Our readers should benefit from this exchange.

This sharing of knowledge – through the website, the blog and other books – represents the best answer to the most basic questions posed by these “mysterious” phenomena. It will offer a more accurate picture of the world that we live in – as well as of the entities that exist alongside us, but in parallel planes.

Readers are therefore invited to first acquaint themselves with the content of the website, then to make a positive contribution to this blog. In this way, we can continue this fascinating adventure: Discovering parts of our world that are hidden from our senses.