William Tompkins, an engineer with the Douglas Aircraft Company, played a discreet but key role as leader of the Apollo project in the 1960s. In the books he published entitled “Selected by Extraterrestrials” he recounts how he was in regular contact with “extraterrestrials”, those usually referred to as “the Nordics,” who are benevolent towards men. This is just one example of the many strange events he experienced during the development phase of the Saturn rocket

He recounts

A few days after another Nasa Saturn C-2 failed to launch, Kirk Swanson and I were examining the Complex 37 service tower. We were on a lower level, about 120 feet up. Suddenly, we were distracted by the sound that high heels make on steel, scaffolding steps. We noticed a girl walking towards us into the enclosed structure. She proceeded to speak, “ I suggest that you do your homework. The approach that you are using needs to be conducted in an entirely different manner”.

The air was freezing; both Kirk and I were wearing heavy flight jackets and shivering. She was dressed in a flimsy mini-skirt that revealed everything when the wind blew through all the separations of the sheet metal enclosure. It was hard not to stare. She proceeded, argumentatively: “These operations should be conducted in a white room”.

Kirk muttered to me: Who the hell does she think she is? He then exclaimed to her, “back off, lady. That’s why we’re here. To correct the electrical problems”. Not saying another word, she made a 180 and walked off. Instead of using the elevator, she started to walk down the stairs.

We finished our assessment in another ten minutes and went down the elevator. On our way down Kirk said to me; “When we get down I am going to give that hot piece of tail a piece of my mind and maybe something else if she is lucky”. When we arrived on the ground floor we stopped by some of our crew. Kirk asked them, “So, what happened to that girl with a mini-skirt and an attitude?” One of the crewmen replied, We haven’t seen anybody but you guys go up this morning.

With many problems unresolved; I didn’t think anything about it; I almost forgot the incident until a few days later. Kirk and I were working in one of the Complex 37 blockhouses. I asked him “Hey, did you ever talk to that girl on the tower again?” He looked perplexed and said, “What girl?” I tried to explain the scenario again but he had no answer in the subject so I dropped it.

Still, as it lingered in the back of my mind, I wondered about these extremely good-looking star girls who seemed to know even more than us. Why did they show up out of nowhere, give us a few bits of advice on how to do our jobs, and then leave just as mysteriously?


The young girl, who was unknown to W. Tompkins and his colleague, went up to them to deliver the message: “These operations should be conducted in a ‘white room’ without further explanation. In scientific parlance, a white room is a room where the air is purified of all dust by filtration.

The colleague soon forgot about the incident, but W. Tompkins kept it in the back of his mind, and her piece of advice was later implemented and indeed it fixed the electrical problems so that the Apollo project could go on . Hence the importance of the girl’s intervention.

● This young lady, who was supposed to be part of the staff but was not known to the two engineers, nevertheless approached them directly without introducing herself.

● She was not seen taking the elevator or the stairs by the ground staff, and therefore appeared to have “come out of nowhere”

● She knew about the cause of the electrical problems – that caused the failure of the Saturn rocket launch. She also knew the solutions when the engineers had no idea what the problem was.

● Normally, the ground people should have seen her after going down the stairs, but they didn’t. From William Tompkins’ account, it seems that she just disappeared (literally). It seems that she made herself invisible once her message was delivered. Her mission was completed! In fact, it was by choosing to go down the stairs, and not using the elevator that she was able to disappear without calling attention.

● Her very young physical appearance – although she had a knowledge superior to that of the most seasoned engineers – seems odd.

● Another thing to be noticed was her direct and effective way of imparting her knowledge.

● Moreover, she was dressed in a very light outfit despite the cold. This totally offbeat outfit, like her high-heeled shoes, seems to reflect that she “came from elsewhere”, the same way that she left elsewhere when she disappeared down the stairs.

All of these points suggest that this young girl really came from “another world”, a parallel world. For these various reasons, she was not a human-being in the usual sense of the word. She was what we might call an alien, a Nordic.


William Mills Tompkins : Selected by extraterrestrials – Ed. Robert M. Wood