The reality of the UFO phenomenon

  • This reality has always been kept secret by all governments, not only by withholding information, but also through strong disinformation. In the United States, a study commission was officially set up in 1952 by the US Air Force to investigate the phenomenon: the “Blue Book project” (following several other study commissions, the Sign projects, Grudge). After years of collecting and analyzing information, the Condon Report concluded in 1969 that “UFOs do not exist; all testimonies are based on either mistaking natural phenomena, or hallucinations, so any further scientific research in this field would be of no interest ”. The consequence of this startling conclusion is that Project Blue Book ceased its activities in 1969, and officially to this day there is no further research on UFOs in the United States, nor in any other country. In recent years, NASA has on some occasions allowed a few so-called unexplained observations to leak out, thus suggesting an upcoming disclosure but in no way does it change the official position on the subject.
  • We know that the reality is very different. Millions of witness’ accounts have been authenticated by numerous research associations on the subject in many countries. Denying the existence of UFOs publicly and in such a peremptorily way despite the obvious seems absurd and even ludicrous, yet every country in the world, without exception, has aligned themselves with this position! This seemingly irrational situation reveals that there is something huge at stake behind the UFO phenomenon. What are the secrets that are so well kept?
  • In addition, thanks to the Access to Government Information law in force in the United States, a great deal of official documents have been declassified. These documents provide evidence that since the 1940s the US Air Force and the American public authorities have been extremely concerned by the numerous UFO sightings and in particular by those near nuclear facilities. Many times, during the Cold War, nuclear missile silos were mysteriously deactivated and therefore made inoperative by UFOs (1). Contrary to their public statements, they had to take these UFO manifestations very seriously. The public authorities are thereby caught in the act of lying… and yet nothing changes!

The contradiction between reality and the incredible conclusions of the Condon report (UFOs do not exist; any research in this area is of no interest) suggests that the US Air Force and the US government were somewhat muzzled and were forced by an unknown authority above them to deny the reality of UFOs.

  • By analyzing this apparently absurd and above all extremely alarming situation, the logical conclusion is that the US Air Force and the American public authorities – not to mention public authorities in all other countries – are prevented from publicly recognizing the reality of UFOs as they are dominated by unknown forces. In fact, these dark forces that want to leave humanity in the dark are active in all countries, be it in Russia, China, Europe or the United States. This suggests that these dark forces are above States, above human beings!

This terrible observation should alert us!

Why do so-called democratic countries (all Western countries) refuse to recognize the reality of UFOs despite the evidence of their existence, and despite the evidence that those countries are concerned (in secret) by the phenomenon? The question then is: what are these obviously very powerful dark forces that seem to dominate all governments?

  • A second mystery comes on top of the mystery relative to the nature of UFOs: what is the nature of these dark forces which seem to hide behind (above) all governments, which force them to keep the secret and to maintain humanity in ignorance? It seems obvious that these two questions are linked.
  • Those who closely study the UFO topic know that we are dealing with an intelligent phenomenon. It manifests itself either as luminous objects in the sky or as objects of material appearance (spaceships). The behavior of these objects shows that they are operated by intelligences, therefore by beings that are still mysterious to us.
  • Abductions of human beings into UFOs. This reality is very little known, although relatively frequent (2). Abductions are the most disturbing and enigmatic facet of the UFO phenomenon,. Scores of reliable witnesses claim to have been abducted (of course against their will) by non-human beings into their spacecraft. In the vast majority of cases, they had to undergo degrading protocols, without any possibility of resistance, to then be returned to their place of origin. A very large number of these testimonies reveal that genetic manipulations are carried out during these kidnappings. These practices mean that unknown entities physically intervene on human beings without their consent, for reasons that are still a mystery to us. The crucial question is then: what is the reason for these kidnappings, what is the purpose of these genetic manipulations?
  • Without any answers and given the unjustified official denial about UFOs, another question arises: Are the beings who kidnap people into UFOs, interfere in human affairs by force and are obviouly very intelligent, are they the ones responsible? Are they the ones who impose the cover of secrecy about these practices on all governments? Are these dark forces – that seem to dominate all governments – represented by the entities associated with these UFOs and responsible for the kidnappings? Could these entities be the real beings responsible for preventing the UFO disclosure? Could they be the ones forcing all governments to deny their existence and to deploy the very powerful disinformation process all too familiar to us, so as to continue their activity unbeknownst to the human population?

These crucial and dizzying questions

… have never been put in these terms. They suggest that what’s at stake is vital for humanity. The reasoning in this article is based on “it is too big to be true” or too simple, but we also know that “the bigger the lie, the more they believe” … And the question still remains: why do all governments, without exception, deny the reality of the UFO phenomenon and pretend not to care?

This topic has been studied recently and answers are proposed in the book “UFOs, Abductions and Extraterrestrials – Fascinating Discoveries (Ed. Guy Trédaniel) (2)

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