Sometimes home monitoring cameras capture a mysterious non-human presence. The photos here attest to this. They were taken at night with an infrared motion-activated camera that takes photos without a flash and emitting no light at all. The only visible light in the pictures is consequently the result of the infrared radiation emitted by the mysterious object and converted into white light by the camera. The photos were taken over a period of several weeks. What we see here is an object that takes on different forms (it does not have a given form) and moves toward the staircase. Other images in addition to these have been taken.

In fact, it is not a material object:

  • It is not a material object in the ordinary sense of the term as it has no definite form. It does not stand on the floor and it does not seem to be subjected to gravity. Consequently, it does not belong in our space-time, in our material plane.
  • It seems to belong in a parallel plane.It is not a plain object either because it is animated: it changes form and moves around.

So it can be referred to as “an entity”. The fact that this entity radiates energy which imprints on matter without being part of our material plane (our world) (infrared radiation captured by the camera, the photo sensor of which is sensitive to this radiation) indicates that the entity in question is in the elementary world – an intermediate world between the ethereal world and the material world. We know from spiritual knowledge that only the beings from the elementary world can manifest themselves in matter, like here in a photograph. Beings from the spiritual world such as angels, do not have this capacity (they can only manifest themselves in the material world through elemental beings. This is what happens with crop circles).

The elementary world is occupied by elementals, nature beings for example but also by human souls still attached to the material world after their physical death. These souls are generally those of beings who died suddenly and their conscience has not realized that their bodies are dead. They stay attached to the surroundings they were in or where they lived in the physical world. They may wander around these places for a long time. They are wandering souls likely to be viewed as ghosts. Certain people (mediums) know how to liberate them from their attachment to the physical world so that they may make their way to the astral world.

What kind of presence is it exactly in the photo? Answers to this question can be provided based on the events that took place in the house at the time the pictures were taken.

  • The house was built by a man – the father of the current owner – who was a very earthbound person and very attached to his house. He died suddenly in a hospital following a devastating sickness about three and a half years prior to the event and never had a chance to go back to his house.
  • One evening, the owner’s 28 month-old grandson walked into the house and “freaked out” when he looked at the stairs. He cried out “shush grandpa, afraid”. This little boy had never met his great grandfather alive but he knew him from a picture of him. Young children often see beings that adults cannot see. Their perception is naturally more sensitive, a perception that they lose when they reach the age of five or six. They can see nature beings (most common cases) as well as souls of deceased people, still present in the elementary world. In our particular case, he spontaneously recognized the presence of his great-grandpa and clearly expressed his emotion. This is unmistakably one part of the answer.
  • Moreover, during this period, the house owners (son and daughter- in- law of the deceased) were awakened on several occasions by small gleams like the flickering flame of a lighter. This observation confirms that the father’s soul was still present in “his house” and in “his bedroom” near his son and daughter- in- law.
  • In addition to this, following the death of the father- in- law, the daughter- in- law heard footsteps in the attic.
  • And lastly, on the night this entity was captured by the camera, the daughter- in- law remembered that she had experienced restless sleep with a feeling of fear and uneasiness.

These observations are indicative of an invisible presence connected to the house. All of these hints are consistent with the interpretation that it is indeed the wandering soul of the current owner’s father that manifested itself in different ways in the house to which he had remained connected. This understanding led to the necessity to help this wandering soul face the facts so it may proceed with its course into the astral world.

These pictures indeed represent a form of interdimensional manifestation i.e. an IDIM, likely to evoke the orb phenomenon, spots (circular and often white) that are sometimes found on photographs. In both cases, they are entities present in the elementary plane that manifest themselves in the material plane. But in this particular case (the presence in the house), this IDIM should not be considered a nature being as in orb cases, but to a human wandering soul.

We note that this one manifested its presence in different ways:

  • by emitting an infrared radiation, captured by the camera,
  • by emitting small gleams comparable to a lighter flame,
  • by emitting noises (footsteps in the attic),
  • by emitting energy that made the daughter -in -law feel uneasy.

A nature spirit could also manifest itself, for example via emitting a light disc in photographs but also through lots of other ways. However, in the case of orbs, this light is not directly visible to the human eye. This feature – specific to the interdimensional characteristic of the phenomenon– makes it different from light.

My thanks to Lionel and Catherine for sharing these pictures as well as their very informative observations.