Since ancient times, Unidentified Flying Objects have been flying around in the skies of all countries scoffing at observers through their staggering achievements. Although the reality of the phenomenon has been acknowledged by numerous studies, it has not been officially recognized in any country by public authorities – as though the phenomenon did not exist. This is strange, to say the least.

The consequences of this situation are very far-reaching and yet hardly ever properly appreciated. Indeed, the importance of the UFO phenomenon comes to light when we realize that non-human intelligences unveil their presence on earth and seek to attract human beings’ attention. For the future of humanity, it is of utmost importance to find out the truth about the identity of these beings that manifest themselves this way, without letting illusions deceive us. It is an essential step to understanding their “rationale” and understanding all relevant consequences.

  • The research carried out in secret since the end of World War 2 in the USA and Russia did not lead to any satisfactory results, despite the enormous financial and human resources invested. In fact, the extraterrestrial hypothesis, which still is prevalent, is not consistent with a number of characteristics of the phenomenon – as pointed out by several recognized specialists. Obviously embarrassed by this phenomenon that they do not understand, the authorities keep silent and deny its reality. In all objectivity, it is as if the truth were being automatically suppressed.
  • As a result of all of this, the UFO issue has become synonymous with hoax for the majority of people who believe that these observations can only be visual illusions and have no objective reality. So much so that a great deal of eye witnesses do not dare share their experience and keep their mouth shut for fear of being ridiculed. This behavior goes against the quest for truth;
  • And yet, the number of manifestations has increased significantly in the last decades and a growing number of people (though it is still a minority) is opening up to this reality. But for the reason developed earlier, the subject is rarely covered in the media and when it is, it is all too often to ridicule the phenomenon. Journalists are not familiar with the subject. This situation is not conducive to the search for truth.
  • Worse yet, because the subject is not officially recognized by official circles, no research in this domain has ever been publicly undertaken in research institutions in any country. And yet, there have been lots of reports signed by some high authorities in the Army or in civil sectors. These authorities have sent their reports to their respective national governments in order to get them to carry out serious investigations (The COMETA report in France is one example among others). In fact it is as if the Authorities sought to hinder the pursuit of truth on the subject.
  • Even worse yet, the phenomenon is not taken seriously and its reality is denied by the whole scientific community whereas it is acknowledged in our materialist society that the evolution of humanity rests on science and therefore on scientists. This situation casts some light on a dysfunction is our society and it shows that the truth about UFOs will not come from official research bodies.
  • Many independent researchers have attempted to compensate for the deficiencies of governments but the theories put forth today to explain the nature and origin of UFOs are diverse and contradictory: extraterrestrial origin, secret human technology, the Gaia hypothesis, interdimensional manifestations… This diversity could be seen as a measure of Humankind’s ignorance on the subject.
  • It is important to realize that by contenting themselves with an unsatisfactory interpretation of the signals sent by these non-human intelligences to reveal their presence on Earth and by turning their back on their real nature, people in positions of power (in political circles and in civil society) bury their heads in the sand. They deliberately ignore a whole portion of reality and thus fail to perceive the reality of the world as it really is. They exert their power based on an artificial vision of reality.

The UFO topic has deliberately been overlooked and the research on the subject which started in the 40s was not followed through by leaders who were locked in their conditioning and what they thought was true i.e. their ignorance of the real nature of the phenomenon. It is now urgent to re-examine the situation as a whole and conduct a study of the phenomenon at a new starting point based on all available data. The evolution of humanity requires a real comprehension of the truth about these intelligent beings who keep manifesting themselves to Humankind. We have to do this without letting deceitful appearances influence us.