It is often reported that UFOs appearing as simple lights in the sky or as material objects have the ability to stay in levitation in the air for a long time without any noise being produced. This is observed even in exceptional cases when the UFO is close to the witness. This implies that the UFO is not kept in suspension by a conventional motor. No motor is ever visible on any of these objects for that matter and no electromagnetic field is detected nearby.

It is as if the object is not subjected to gravity, as if it has no weight, no mass. It is as if the UFO reflects the image of a material object but it is not a material object in the ordinary sense of the term. This observation of course is incompatible with current scientific knowledge.

It is also often reported that UFOs can perform stunning accelerations and reach a very high speed practically instantaneously. The acceleration can be several times the earth’s gravity acceleration. Needless to say this acceleration could not be withstood by human organisms and not even by instruments made of objects of the earth’s material environment. These inconceivable accelarations suggest that UFOs are not subjected to the law of inertia inherent to the matter we are familiar with. They behave as though they were made of another form of matter, weightless matter.

These two types of observation – often coupled – show that these UFOs do not obey our laws of physics. They must obey other laws. In other words, they do not belong in the material world in which we live although they have the appearance of objects or of ordinary lights. It is as if they belong in another space/time, in a parallel plane or another dimension. These UFOs are interdimensional manifestations.

This interpretation is consistent with the absence of sonic boom when UFOs exceed the speed of sound in the air and it is further strengthened by the observation itself. (see article “UFOs move faster than sound without sonic boom !”