The kidnapping of Corporal Valdès in Chile in 1977 is among the best documented and well-known cases of kidnapping. The authenticity of the story is therefore indisputable. The objective of this article is to offer the most objective analysis possible, based on logical reasoning, on a rational approach , but not letting the limitations of current science and conditioned patterns of thinking – associated with the materialist view – influence us.

The account

Corporal Valdès himself recounts: “On April 25, 1977, I was in charge of a patrol in the Andes, in northern Chile, with the mission of guarding a thousand horses and llamas. In the middle of the night we saw a large light descending rapidly on the hill in front of us… after a few seconds it grew wider, finally passing behind the hill. Then another light appeared in another direction, oval in shape
and about sixty feet in diameter, brighter in the center.

From that moment on, my men and I began to experience strange sensations. Cattle huddled around the elders of the herd, as they usually do when restless. They were all looking at the light, proving to me that they saw the phenomenon the same way we did. Also, the dog that was with us hid behind us, whimpering and staring into the light.

Then it was like a force that pushed me to walk towards that light. From that point on, I can’t remember

anything. The next day my men told me what happened. They said I disappeared from sight, only to reappear a quarter of an hour later in the same spot. I looked weird, I said inconsistent things, with fits of hysteria. When I regained consciousness, I felt a great fatigue and pain in my kidneys, as if I had made big efforts. My nerves were about to leave me completely. Also, I had a beard that was several days old, even though I had shaved the day before. The odd thing is that my men weren’t showing any of these signs. They had only experienced a nervous shock and were worried about me. But they were surprised to notice that my watch had stopped at 4:30 am, the exact time of my “reappearance” and more importantly that the date on my watch indicated April 30, meaning it was 5 days ahead.


  • 1- Lights and strange sensations: The abduction followed the observation of a “big light” which moved and grew bigger, then another large light (about sixty feet in width). Such intense and unidentified lights moving through an uninhabited mountainous region, and changing dimensions, cannot be of human origin. They represent one of the forms in which UFOs often appear i.e. simple luminous objects that move in the sky, and can easily change in size and intensity. The strange sensations felt by both humans and animals, as well as the behavior of the dog, are clearly associated to the presence of these lights, these unidentified objects.
  • 2- The influence of an outside force: The corporal reported being pushed to walk towards the UFO by a mysterious force. So it wasn’t on his own initiative. It was then that he disappeared from sight. The fact that he was the only one to move toward the light before being kidnapped means that he was under the influence of an external force coming from an invisible intelligence, in all likelyhood linked to the UFO. He was the only victim of this unusual experience, while the other soldiers were just a few feet away.
  • 3- Dimensional change: The most remarkable point is that the corporal disappeared completely temporarily from the sight of his men – and that they were able to testify to it – before he reappeared a little later. Even if this is contrary to all principles of science, everything happened as if Corporal Valdés had been “dematerialized” to disappear from this world (our material world) before being “rematerialized” a quarter of an hour later in the same place and be returned to his home world. But even if his physical body became invisible, the corporal was not dead for all that. His body was not reduced to nothing, The man that reappeared a little later was the same person, with the same physical body (but very shaken by what he had just gone through). The objective analysis of this story leads us to conclude that Corporal Valdès underwent a “dimensional change”. Under the influence of unknown forces, he left the material world of men to another world, another dimension, before another dimensional change brought him back into the material world. This dimensional shift reveals that an intelligent force has thus manifested itself, a mysterious force that has the capacity to carry out this dimensional shift. Obviously this intelligence is associated with the UFO, and therefore associated with the presence of non-human and invisible beings in that UFO. We can add that this dimensional change, this “dematerialization” without destruction of the body of Corporal Valdès consisted in a transformation of his physical body (including his clothes) to an extent where he became invisible. And this transformation was reversible. It is as if his body, while keeping its structure, had passed into a subtle and invisible state of matter – a state unknown to science – before returning to its initial state, dense, solid and visible, again with the same structure. This simple but logical reasoning – which goes well beyond the limits imposed by science – seems to show that:
  1. the UFO, or the intelligence related to it, has the capacity to modify the density of a material body, whether it is alive or not; and
  2. there are density levels of matter that are invisible to us.
  • 4- Transported to another space-time: Another very precious element of this testimony lies in the gap between the duration of the disappearance as observed in the material world by the soldiers: fifteen minutes, or as it shows on the corporal’s watch after his return from “the other world”: five whole days. The extreme fatigue in which the corporal found himself shows that during this interlude he experienced very painful ordeals (of which he has no memory), and confirms the long duration of his absence. His beard of several days, when he was found – although this seems incredible – also confirms this long absence. This very large gap between the time the abduction lasted on earth and the time it took to grow a five day beard is consistent with the idea that the corporal was transported to another world, and it means that time passed very differently between our world and this other world. We realize that time is not an objective notion as we are used to considering it. It is a relative notion which depends on the world in which we find ourselves. The most suitable way to describe this dimensional change is that Corporal Valdès was really transported to another space-time, in which the notions of space and time are different from what we know.
  • 5- No hypnosis session: The witness always turned down the proposals for hypnosis sessions, which could have brought back to his consciousness, memories of what he experienced in the other space- time during the period he was at the merci of his abductors.

Summary of this analysis

A simple and logical reasoning led us to describe this kidnapping case as follows: Corporal Valdès was transported for a time to another space-time (or in a parallel plane), in which time passes differently and where matter is in a more subtle state and is invisible to us, this transformation being reversible. This dimensional change was controlled by non-human intelligences linked to the UFO who, through this experience, wanted to convey a message to man. The question then is: what is the nature of these non-human intelligences.

This analysis is an excerpt from a book in progress on human abductions into UFOs.