Orbs are those specks of light sometimes found in photographs, superimposed on images, even though they were not seen with the naked eye when the picture was taken. Their shape is most often circular, their color is white but sometimes colored. Some of the orbs (masculine word) are of great luminous intensity, while others are less bright, more or less translucent, and reveal an internal structure. Orbs are most often seen in photos taken with flash, but they can also exist in photos taken in natural light, most often in backlight.

Example of an orb with internal structuring – Photo Riccardo

The number of orbs has increased a lot over the past 20 years, but they were already seen with film cameras. They cannot be explained by flaws in the camera.

The scientific explanation of orbs

It is well accepted that orbs are caused by the phenomenon of optical diffraction which occurs when a light beam (emitted by the flash for example) hits fine particles of dust suspended in the air in front of the photographic lens . It is only in the case where the light is intercepted by very small objects (here dust particles) that the diffraction phenomenon will have a visible effect. The internal structuring mentioned above is typical of the diffraction phenomenon under very defocused conditions, when the camera is not being focused on the dust particles, which are generally very close to the camera.

Photographs taken in a dusty atmosphere indeed reveal a large number of orbs when the lighting conditions are suitable. This is the case with the photograph below, taken on a home improvement site.

Orbs observed in a dusty atmosphere – Photo André
  • We realize that the orbs are particularly numerous and bright in this photograph. This is because the light from the flash was reflected off the glass of an opposite window, before being diffracted by the dust particles and reaching the camera. Indeed, according to the laws of diffraction, the light of the flash reflected by the glass, then diffracted and received by the lens is more intense than the light of the flash sent directly to the dust particles, then diffracted and sent back towards the device.
  • Because they depend on the position and the size of this dust we also observe that the dimension, the brightness and the internal structuring are variable,
  • Finally, we notice that all these orbs are white. None of the large number of these orbs are colored.

This interpretation makes it possible to understand that the orbs cannot be seen with the naked eye, neither before nor after the shooting since they exist only at the moment the flash is activated because the phenomenon of optical diffraction is caused by the interaction of light on dust. Orbs cannot be seen at the time of shooting either because the eye is blinded by the intensity of the flash, reflected by the object photographed.

For scientists, orbs are therefore a purely optical phenomenon, and can be explained as the result of a physical interaction between light (from the flash) and matter (fine particles of dust in suspension in the air).

Orbs, a paranormal phenomenon

Three characteristics of orbs commonly observed, cannot be explained by this scientific theory.

  • The question arises when orbs appear when there is no dust in the air. This is the case, for example, when, the atmosphere outdoors has been washed away by the rain (this is the case with the first photograph in this article). We see that, under these conditions, the number of orbs in the same photo are not reduced but significantly increased. These circular and translucent white spots have quite the same appearance as in a dusty atmosphere, with possibly the same internal structuring. Here again, we are in the presence of the phenomenon of optical diffraction since the appearance is the same, but in this case, it has no rational explanation because there are no material particles likely to create such a large number of orbs.
  • In addition, the scientific theory cannot explain the diversity of colors that are sometimes observed: yellow, blue, purple etc. It is therefore powerless to account for all orb observations .
Colorful orbs in rainy weather – Photo Riccardo
  • Another significant element: experience has shown that a condition conducive to the appearance and increase in the number of orbs is for the photographer to be in a strong enough state of concentration by opening his consciousness to surrounding energies. The fact of refocusing internally and accepting the idea that the energies may come is sometimes a sufficient condition for the phenomenon to appear. But we also know that orbs are not made “on demand”, and many people have never photographed any of them. It appears that there is a causal element here which is not of a physical nature, and cannot be taken into account in a scientific theory.

Science doesn’t have the answer, but it does have the solution!

Since we can get orbs in cases where there is no more dust in the air, that look the same as in cases where orbs are caused by diffraction of light on dust particles, we can only infer that the diffraction phenomenon took place in these cases too. The question then arises as to the nature of the particles which caused the diffraction in these cases. Science has no answer that can explain the presence of these orbs.

A simple and logical reasoning leads to consider the hypothesis where the phenomenon of optical diffraction would then be caused by the interaction of light, not on material particles but on energetic particles, which would be points in space where some energy would be condensed. Einstein’s theory of relativity (well-known equation E = m c²) indeed taught us that matter and energy are two equivalent forms, matter being only condensed energy.

These energy condensations could correspond to the presence of immaterial beings and therefore invisible but endowed with some energy. At this point, elemental beings come to mind. The study of crop circles, UFOs and IDIMs has indeed shown that these are immaterial (invisible) beings that are capable of manifesting themselves in many different ways and therefore possess energy.

The elementals exist in another plane or in another dimension. We can then say that these orbs are a form of interdimensional manifestation (an IDIM).


What this study proposes is that in all cases, orbs are created by optical diffraction under the effect of intense light (generally the flash) which meets microparticles present in front of the photographic lens. But these particles can be of two different types:

  • in some cases, it is material microparticles, dust in suspension that cause diffraction;
  • in other cases, the diffraction is caused by immaterial energetic “particles”, condensations of pure energy, linked to the presence of elemental beings. In those cases, orbs are interdimensional manifestations (IDIM).

This interpretation is consistent with the characteristics of the orb phenomenon.

  1. The fact that the number of orb observations has significantly increased over the past twenty years, is primarily due to the fact that, modern cameras are equipped with sensitive sensors where films are no longer in use, and you can take an unlimited number of pictures. But we can also notice that the number of nature being manifestations is greater than before and more varied in recent decades, be it through crop circles, UFO manifestations or other forms of IDIM. When the diffraction is caused by the energetic presence of elemental beings, it is conceivable that because they are intelligent beings, they can take an active part in the process. So :
  2. Regarding the coloring of certain orbs, we remember that elemental beings have the ability to manifest themselves in the material world by creating shapes or luminous objects (balls of light for example) to attract the attention of man. We can then easily imagine that the colors of the orbs are simply created by them, who supposedly seek to discreetly challenge us.
  3. As for the fact that orbs appear more easily when the photographer connects to the surrounding energies, now we understand why these energies are those of the elementals. The fact they feel acknowledged leads them to manifest their presence with more force, which results in a presence of orbs.
  4. And concerning the number of observations that increases in the event of rainy weather, we remember that elemental beings are also called nature beings. They are the living forces of nature, and then we can conceive that they rejoice and manifest themselves with more force when the ground is watered by rain.