The following observation is derived from the book “Les mystères du Col de Vence” (1), and was analyzed in the book “OVNIs, crop circles & MIDIM” (2).

A stone from nowhere:

A group of friends passionate about the mysteries of the Col de Vence (on the heights of Nice, France) had just made a night watch there. Returning to their car, they first discovered a triangular-shaped stone on the hood of the car, which they had not laid themselves and which could not have fallen by itself (the place was absolutely deserted)… This alone was extraordinary because it represented an incomprehensible case of materialization (or displacement from the ground), but it is not a unique case of materialization at the Col de Vence (see the two references cited).

An image that defies the laws of science.

As a precaution, they thought they would photograph the object before touching it. And that’s when a second extraordinary thing occurred : the image taken, which they immediately checked on the screen of their camera, revealed an “impossible” detail. The photograph was taken using the flash but the reflection of the stone on the hood did not match with the object! Even if at first glance the reflection seems to conform to the contours of the stone, in reality two conical shapes (opposed to each other) appear to be joined, added to the reflection of the stone! In other words: while most of the stone’s reflection conforms to the laws of optical reflection, these conical shapes do not obey these laws, and their presence has no scientific explanation. In addition, these two conical shapes do not touch each other, which is even more unrealistic.

High contrast image

What then is the origin of this “anomaly”?

  • This image, which defies the laws of science, cannot be a technical artefact caused by an anomaly in the camera, its shape is too accurate for that.
  • It cannot be of human origin (a hoax by one of the friends), as it would require meticulous work on a computer, and several of them discovered the phenomenon together at the time it was created. So there is no rational explanation, based on scientific knowledge.
  • Should we then consider the extraterrestrial hypothesis? This question is totally out of place, irrelevant. The observation looks more like a hoax, nothing to do with the idea one may have of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth.
  • It is as if an invisible being has manifested himself there, in a way that is completely beyond human capacity. Can we then consider that this invisible being is a deceased human soul? We saw in an earlier article in this blog (“An Essential Spiritual Knowledge: The Two Kinds of Physically Perceptible Entities”, dated June 15, 2017) that some of these souls can sometimes manifest themselves in the material world, when going through the elementary etheric plane, which is close to the material plane. This is the case for (approximately) the first three days after death, but these people are too preoccupied with the transformations they are going through after letting go of their physical body and have more to do than have fun with living humans. What’s more wandering human souls, who stay longer in the elementary etheric plane because in general they have not realized that they have left their physical body, are themselves in pain, and cannot be suspected to play pranks on other humans. Apart from these cases, manifestations of deceased human souls are rare, and are addressed directly and personally to a loved one.
  • This image looks very much like a hoax or prank, but not a human-made hoax. If we accept the authenticity of this image, it means that it was created by an invisible being (since he was not seen), intelligent (because the forms that have appeared are not at all random), and facetious. Taking into account that this stone was first “materialized” or else moved and placed on the hood of the car by this being, we can specify that he has a power over matter, which exceeds human capacities.

What then is the origin of this “anomaly”?

The entity that manifested itself there is:

  • invisible. It therefore belongs to a parallel plane (or to another dimension),
  • It is intelligent,
  • it has the ability to act on matter and also on light (to manipulate the reflection image of the stone),
  • it manifested itself in a facetious, mischievous, mocking way.

These characteristics are those which traditions and spiritual science attribute to nature spirits, to the elementals. In this anecdote the characteristics are practically a signature of the nature spirits.

Even if the people of our modern time are too heavily influenced by the materialist vision of the world and have forgotten the existence of these beings (or regard them as the figment of human imagination), because they usually do not interfere with our material world. The reality of this anecdote – if we accept its authenticity – is concrete proof of the existence of nature spirits. This reality requires moving away from the materialist view of the world which is too limited, and favor a more spiritual vision, in which beings live in invisible parallel planes.

The author of this article has personally and repeatedly observed similar events so the authenticity of this anecdote is beyond doubt.


Another anecdote, personally experienced. One day F., who was sitting at her desk, noticed that she no longer had her watch on her wrist. Surprise! because she remembered reading the time on her watch shortly before. The surprise was accentuated by the fact that the metal strap of the watch included a security device which prevented it from falling off. You had to undo this security device and then slide the strap on your hand to remove the watch. F. looks on her desk, on the floor, searches all over the house: no watch! After a while she moved on to something else.

Then a little later that evening, as she came back to sit at her desk, she realized that her right foot was touching something on the floor. Surprise: her watch was there on the floor, to her right. The watch could not have fallen off on its own for the reason explained above, and because she always wears it on her left wrist.

Everything leads us to believe – even if this is contrary to the laws of science and therefore “impossible” to believe – that the watch was “dematerialized” to make it disappear from F.’s wrist and thus attract her attention, and then “rematerialized” on the floor at her desk, so as to attract her eye again.

What is the origin of this temporary disappearance?

  • Human origin is immediately ruled out if we accept the authenticity of the anecdote.
  • The origin having to do with deceased human souls must also be ruled out, for the same reasons as those mentioned in the previous case.
  • Should we invoke the extraterrestrial hypothesis? As in the story of the impossible reflection, it is inconsistent with the insignificant impact of what happened.
  • What appears however is the facetious nature of the anecdote, which had no damaging consequences.
  • But the true significance of this anecdote lies in the fact that it occurred precisely when F. was re-reading the manuscript of the book written by Daniel Harran (2), and more precisely she was reading the chapter on the disappearance of objects at the Col de Vence…!

We can then recap the question of the origin of the disappearance of the watch, by acknowledging that the author is an invisible, intelligent being, who has power over matter so that it can dematerialize an object and rematerialize it a little later in another place, and who has a very assertive facetious character. Here again we have the signature of a nature spirit. This anecdote has a great educational value. The nature spirit that manifested itself showed a benevolent intention in proving its presence even though it remained invisible to us.

Such anecdotes are not uncommon. What is uncommon however is being attentive enough to become aware of them and more importantly to share them in writing. But temporary disappearances of objects (of keys for example) have been observed by many people. It is important to be attentive to this phenomenon and to analyze it with an open mind, without getting trapped in narrow beliefs. It is the invisible world that contacts the people concerned in order to help them awaken to the realities of this world.

(1): Les mystères du col de Vence« , de Pierre Beake et l’association Col de (Ed. Le temps présent)

(2): « OVNIs, crop circles & MIDIM » de Daniel Harran (Ed. EccE)