This account is derived from the book “Encounters with Stars People ” (1), which gathers testimonies collected from American indians from North America. This account sounds incredible because the testimonies reported in this book are – for a few of them – very rare and even exceptional. They served as the basis of the study proposed by Daniel Harran’s in his latest book, entitled « Who are they really ? New discoveries and approaches identifying UFOs, abductions, and extraterrestrials» (2) (to be published in 2021).

The Ross’s narrative

  • “I operate a snowplow in Alaska. It was two months ago in February when a horrendous snowstorm took us all by surprise. Winds were more than 50 miles an hour and the temperature fell to 76 below zero. An hour after starting my night shift, I found myself suddenly facing a disk right in the middle of the highway. The disk took up two lanes of traffic. It was circular in shape with bright orange lights at its base. I stopped my vehicle at about 18 feet from it and flashed my lights. I wanted to call a colleague but my radio was silent. Suddenly, blinding white lights came on and the vessel rose straight up and disappeared. I watched it until it was out of sight, which didn’t take long because visibility was nearly zero due to the storm. Once the object had disappeared, I was plunged in darkness.
  • I stayed there for a while. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. It was then that I noticed that my snowplow motor was not running. I never turn off my motor out of fear that it will not turn back on because of the extreme temperatures…and yet, it was off. I held my breath as I turned the ignition key and happily, the motor came on with the first try. I put my snowplow in gear and started to move forward. Right when I started to accelerate a bit, I felt a bump underneath my right wheel, as if I had run over something. I was terrified. I thought that it could be something coming from the vessel I had seen. I stopped the snowplow and got ready to get out. As I was lacing up my parka above my cheeks, I saw an outstretched hand up against the side window. Then a second hand appeared. It was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen. The hands had only four fingers each. I turned the light on inside of the cab, and a face suddenly appeared, watching me intensely. It was wearing a sort of face protection but I could see its eyes—large dark eyes that were staring at me. It quickly turned around and ran across the highway, disappearing into a row of trees.
  • I had no intention of following the creature. Leaving a vehicle in the middle of a snowstorm could have fatal consequences. I thought that the incident was over, but I was wrong. A second later, the creature reappeared in the middle of the highway, right in front of me. Somehow I understood that it was cold and needed shelter. I suggested that it climb up into my snowplow but it didn’t want to. It told me that it felt cold and that it was my fault. The vessel had taken off without it; it was outside of the vessel when I happened upon it. In their haste to get away, the other crewmembers had left the creature behind.
  • I again invited the creature into my snowplow. I told it that I had to plow the roads and that I could not leave it outside in the cold. Even though it didn’t want to, the creature came inside, but not in the way that you or I would have climbed in. It simply appeared. One moment it was standing in the middle of the highway, and a moment later it was inside the cab with me. I was terrified but I forced myself to stay calm.
  • It was the longest night of my entire life. During the trip, the traveler from space stood as straight as an arrow in the passenger’s seat. It was short with a human form, but it was not a human. It could have passed for a 10 year-old child at a certain distance. Its ability to appear and disappear fascinated me. I asked about this, but it told me that in its world everyone could come and go in the same way. It told me that their engine had been damaged, and they had landed briefly in the middle of the highway to set about repairing it. The creature was curious and left the vessel to take a look at the snow. Because of the storm, the occupants of the vessel had not realized that they were on a highway. When I came up to the vessel, my appearance was a real shock to them, and in their confusion, they took off without him. They hadn’t expected anyone to suddenly appear in the middle of the storm.
  • To make matters worse, the space travelers in the vessel were not authorized to come in contact with humans and this is why the creature was ill at ease at being seen. So the others took off immediately, leaving it behind. By doing so, they violated several rules during their trip. The creature explained to me that they were a young crew and they would probably lose their rights as explorers if their superiors were to discover their error.
  • I finally arrived at the end of the part of the highway that I was responsible for plowing, but I turned around and went the opposite way. It was snowing heavily, and the roads were again covered with 4 inches of snow. On my way back, the vessel appeared again in the middle of the highway at the exact spot where I had seen it earlier. The space traveler suddenly disappeared. Several seconds later, I saw him in front of the vessel. I was able to make out his profile in the flashing lights, and in the pale light I could see him making a hand gesture in my direction…and in an instant he was no longer there. He disappeared at the same time as the vessel.
  • There’s something else too. He was fascinated by the snowplow and the way it functioned. He considered it a rather primitive machine, but it got his attention. He told me that humans depended too much on machines that run on gas. He told me that they should put their energy into studying the use of magnetic propulsion for travel. He didn’t understand why scientists had not been looking in this direction.
  • He also told me that it was the first time he had seen snow and experienced extreme cold; he had never been so cold in his entire existence. He said that on his planet, weather never changes.


1- A motor that doesn’t function: When Ross found himself close to the UFO, he first noticed that his radio did not work, and then that the motor of his snowplow had stopped. This is a very common observation: all motors and electrical devices stop functioning when in the presence of UFOs. But all it takes is for the UFO to move away for everything to return to normal. This demonstrates that the rays emitted by the UFOS cause these problems.

2- Hands with four fingers: Ross finds himself suddenly in the presence of a being who has a human form, but is not human. Its hands have only four fingers each. He can easily communicate with it as if they spoke the same language, even when the being is outside of the vehicle. It explains to Ross that the vessel had taken off without it as soon as Ross’ snowplow arrived. Even though this is not specified, we can understand that the communication took place by telepathy.

3- The creature reluctantly accepts shelter: After the creature found itself alone and abandoned by the vessel in extreme weather conditions and in the presence of Ross, its first reaction is to hide in the trees. It then comes back but refuses the invitation to come and seek shelter inside the snowplow. Finally, the creature reluctantly accepts the invitation. This reaction of running away seems not to be out of fear, but rather out of the desire to avoid contact with Ross.

4- The ability to go through matter: Ross was terrified by the way that the creature came on board the snowplow without having to open the door. It is in this way that it left the snowplow to rejoin the vessel when it reappeared. We find here the same ability to go through closed doors and windows–an ability that is often reported in abduction accounts. It is as if the entity could dematerialize and then rematerialize instantly.

5- Not allowed to come in contact with humans: This is of utmost importance, because it indicates that the crew of this UFO must obey orders and is under the direction of a hierarchy that forbids contact with humans. This allows us to understand the behavior of the creature when it found itself alone and helped by Ross. The creature accepted temporary shelter in the vehicle with Ross, but reluctantly– and only because its life was in danger due to the harsh weather conditions. The creature left Ross as soon as it was possible, and after giving a simple explanation as to why it had to break the rule. This also explains that the vessel had taken off so quickly the first time because it saw the snowplow.

The creature that Ross encountered, said it was a member of a team of explorers from a distant planet, on a mission on Earth. Its physical make-up is comparable with that of a human but with major differences. The way it controls its body is way beyond any human abilities. If we consider this account authentic, our vision of the world imposed on us by current science should then be revisited. Indeed, it infers that our planet is being visited by « space travelers » from extrasolar planets and these travelers behave as neutral observers and never intervene in our affairs. The consequences of this new vision of the world are developed in a book (to come out shortly) entitled « UFOs, Abductions and Extraterrestrials – Fascinating Discoveries» by Daniel Harran.

(1)  « Encounters With Star People » by Andy Sixkiller Clarke (publisher : Career Press)

(2) « Who are they really ? New discoveries and approaches identifying UFOs, abductions, and extraterrestrials» by Daniel Harran. (Schiffer publissing 2021)