Over the past few decades, photographs have occasionally revealed invisible presences manifested in what are called “orbs”. They are most often white discs superimposed on the object photographed. These orbs can be colored, and sometimes show an internal structure. See the analysis in the April 2018 article on this blog.

  • The fact that they have the same appearance as the optical diffraction figures caused by the interaction between the light of a flash and dust particles is suspension, and that they can also be observed in the absence of dust, this leads to the possibility that orbs can be caused either by material particles or by “energetic particles”. In this second case, these condensations of energy may have a connection with energetic, immaterial presences, i.e. to entities present in a parallel world, close to our material world, as are elemental beings. In other words, the orbs of this category are interdimensional manifestations.
  • But it is also possible to get orbs in broad daylight, without a flash being used. In this case, there is a creation of light. The fact that these orbs are not visible to the naked eye and only appear in photographs, means that “their light” is not of the same nature as ordinary light, the light that illuminates our natural environment. Here again, this production of light reveals the presence of entities in a parallel plane, close to our material world, it reveals elemental beings.
  • But then what can we think of the photographs above? These photographs were taken deep in a cave, using a flash. Small candles were placed on both sides of the statue. Much to her surprise, the photographer discovered these long candles in her picture. Five “luminous tapers” on each of the candles. It is as if the candle light had been “stretched” upwards, for the time of the exposure (or the time it took for the flash). The flash cannot explain this phenomenon, which is truly exceptional. It can be noted that these “luminous tapers” are more or less identical and almost parallel to one another. Moreover, they are like enclosed in less luminous cylinders. These effects obviously cannot be natural, and reveal that a mysterious intelligence sought to attract the photographer’s attention by manifesting itself in this way.
  • Because the “luminous tapers” are created from the flames of the candles, stretched by a force from this mysterious intelligence, it is possible that these cylinders are created from the cups of the candles, illuminated by the flash and ” stretched ”in the same way by the same force.
  • This phenomenon is exceptional because we can see in the photo above, taken at a different time but in the same place from a slightly different angle that there is no “stretching” of the candle flames.
  • Although this type of photography appears to be rare, another example can be seen in the photo above, taken by the same photographer. This time the photo was taken without a flash, in a room where a person was receiving energy healing. Several candles were arranged on the coffee table, and we can see that the same process took place: as if the lights of these candles had been “stretched” but this time, not in the same direction and drawing complex convolutions. These “light filaments” coming from each candle, all have the same shape, while the rest of the photographed is very clear and has not been affected by this process (as in the above cave photo). We can even visualize small characters who watch over the person lying down …

This process is proof that a non-human intelligence, present in the back of the cave or here in this chamber, decided to manifest itself to the photographer. According to the interpretation developed in this analysis, only elemental beings have the capacity to act in this way on light, just as they have the ability to act on matter.
Thanks to Véronique Ferrand for sharing her photos, photos of great educational value (http://fleursdeverobis.canalblog.com/).