Marguerite, who gave me the photograph below, is a person who always lived in touch with earth. When she lived in a small village in the countryside, she took care of her vegetable garden every day. On several occasions, her neighbor was surprised that his own vegetables were dying while Marguerite’s were still healthy… In fact, Marguerite regularly and consciously addressed the local elementals and asked for their help, but the neighbor did not know about that.
One day she decided to take pictures with a small automatic camera, of the beautiful flowers that one of her sons had planted around her house, and send them to him as he lived far away. At that moment, however, her camera had a minor technical failure and would not function. She kept pressing the trigger and after a while everything went back in order and she was then able to take all the pictures she wanted. When developing the film (the photos were still silver at that time, in 1982) she realized that there was a photo in addition to those of the flowers, a strange photo of her car … as if several characters were seated in the passengers seats! This is the photo above.

If we look at this photograph closely several things draw our attention:

  • On the one hand the strange getups of these characters, who seem to be disguised and dressed the old way. One in front is wearing a wig, another in the back is wearing a funny hat. Next to him in the back seat – although the picture is not as sharp – we can distinguish three other heads. The small size of these characters could suggest they are three children accompanying their parents, but a blow-up of the image reveals that one of these people seems to have a mustache and another, a goatee.
  • On the other hand, the fact that these characters are of diaphanous appearance, their bodies are only partially densified. The seats of the car can be seen through the body of the character in the front. It is especially the faces that appear, as if the rest of their bodies were almost transparent, partially materialized. As far as the characters of small sizes in the back, only their heads appear, and not their body.
  • What’s more, these faces are a bit blurry, while the photograph is very sharp as the image of the car itself shows.
    This photograph is of course guaranteed untouched and perfectly genuine. The image above is a copy strictly identical to the original. It was checked by specialists and no anomalies were detected.


  • It is certain, according to Marguerite, that “there was no one in the car” at that time, and that she did not see these characters when she took the series of photographs of the flowers. Their positions in the car, on the right side facing the camera, plus an objective analysis of the photograph strongly suggest that these characters – not human but similar to humans – deliberately got into the seats of the car, and (partially) materialized for the picture, with the intention of showing themselves to Marguerite by showing in the picture.
  • Partially materialized characters, dressed in the old way: this necessarily conjures up elementals, because the malfunctioning of the camera when taking the photo suggests the possibility of a joke or a ploy that elementals are so fond of. It is they who, in all likelihood, caused the camera failure so that Marguerite could take pictures of them in the car, by struggling with the trigger.
  • This is the only rational interpretation that can be proposed: elementals, who come forward in a group (perhaps a family?), have partially materialized in the seats of Marguerite’s car, and arranged to be photographed by her to show their presence in her environment. This decision to show themselves to her like this, is quite exceptional. It seems to be linked to the relationship established between Marguerite and these nature beings, thanks to her gardening activity. This close relationship had also materialized in another way, through the writing of a book of tales on the theme of elementals.
  • We notice that the characters are small (the car, a Renault 4 L, gives us the scale), the size of human children, as often reported in traditional stories. And the fact that they are dressed in the old way is also a characteristic of the elementals according to traditional stories.
  • The characters appeared on the photograph, although they were not seen directly: this is how it also happens with a certain category of orbs.

This comes as confirmation:

This photograph is a kind of confirmation of a certain amount of knowledge reported in Daniel Harran’s books and website:
– Beings of human form, made of subtle matter with a small body, actually exist in the human environment (they are called nature beings or elementals);
– They can densify or materialize, for example when they want to make themselves visible to humans; but this is exceptional and they are usually invisible to us. This materialization can be partial, as is the case for most UFOs;
The fact that they got in and then out of the car without opening it and apparently without making any noise, as well as their partial materialization, show that they live in a different dimension that has no mechanical interaction with our material (dense) world;
Their way of life is modelled on that of humans: they often show themselves in clothes comparable to our old clothes;
They are benevolent towards the humans who pay attention to them and respect them;
– They intervened here materially on the camera: it is to be noted that there was only one photo of this type, which was perfectly directed and centered on the targeted subject.
The fact that they appeared in the photo without having been seen (as for orbs), tends to confirm that the orbs are also manifestations of elemental beings.