It is widely accepted that Ufos, like (genuine) crop circles, are controlled or made by non-human intelligent beings. Who are they? The ardent supporters of science, in the grip of the materialistic vision of the world, are convinced that human beings are the only intelligent beings on Earth. As a result, these non-human intelligences can only come from space: it is the well-known extraterrestrial hypothesis, which still dominates today among all researchers and enthusiasts of these phenomena.

Inadequacy of the extraterrestrial hypothesis:

But this extraterrestrial hypothesis has not provided any good enough answers to explain the behavior considered «aberrant» of UFOs from a scientific viewpoint. It does not explain how crop circles can be created … in a few seconds without visible cause. It has not allowed new scientific theories to be proposed, likely to account for these phenomena, which remain unexplained.
This is why this hypothesis is sometimes extended to the idea that the authors of these phenomena are present in another dimension, another space-time in which the laws of physics is different. But oddly this idea still remains associated with the extraterrestrial hypothesis: the beings who fly UFOs are believed to be beings of extraterrestrial origin present in another dimension. It has not been envisaged (apart from the present work proposed by “Listen to the Earth”…), that the authors could be present in another dimension and at the same time of terrestrial origin.
For those who try to observe this objectively, the idea of another dimension is considered in a very restrictive way. Here we can see the influence (or conditioning) imposed by the materialistic vision of science. For this would implicitly mean that the reality of a life in another dimension could exist elsewhere, in other stellar systems, and not here on Earth! This limitation is not logical.

Inconsistencies of the extraterrestrial hypothesis:

In addition, the inconsistency of the extraterrestrial hypothesis vis-à-vis certain characteristics of the phenomenon has been flagged by a number of researchers. Indeed among the characteristics of the UFO phenomenon the following should be noted:

The very high number of events observed, which is in the millions,
The proven antiquity of the phenomenon, which dates back at least to antiquity, while the forms of manifestations do not seem to have evolved much since that time,
The often conspicuous behavior of these objects, which seek to attract our attention, but always remain elusive and equivocal,
The seemingly absurd nature of certain manifestations (according to the usual criteria of reason), which has often been reported.
As for the crop circle phenomenon, it also intrigues by the fact that their creations amount to thousands (all different) for three decades.
These characteristics are not consistent with the idea of extraterrestrial visitors. It is reasonable to think indeed that if beings from another planet or from another stellar system were able to come to Earth, (and one can think that this is most likely the case) they would necessarily be much more advanced than human beings and would have reached levels of knowledge, know-how and how to behave well beyond the current level of humanity. As a result:
– either they would remain perfectly discreet to observe the Earth and humans without disturbing them and without interfering in their evolution. This is incompatible with the very high number and the seniority of the observations and it is also incompatible with the often ostentatious way UFOs behave.
– or they would manifest themselves as “guardians”, attentive to the evolution of men to help them discreetly without interfering, which again is not consistent with the ostentatious and sometimes absurd behavior of UFOs,
– or they would come forward openly and intervene, benevolently or not, to influence their evolution, which is clearly not the case.
This extraterrestrial hypothesis, although perfectly logical given the knowledge of today’s science, is therefore not coherent and has never been validated to date. Yet many people, considering that this is the only hypothesis that can be seriously considered, think that it is enough to validate it and take it as truth, to the point that the UFO phenomenon has become for most people synonymous with extraterrestrial.

However, the study developed by «Listen to the Earth» shows that the hypothesis of intelligent beings present on Earth in another dimension, based on the reappropriation of ancient and forgotten knowledge, is perfectly consistent with the characteristics of the phenomena.

The extraterrestrial hypothesis adapted to a few exceptional cases:

A small number of reports of UFO sightings, such as the Valensole encounter in France (1965), stand out by the fact that humanoid-looking beings were caught observing or taking samples of plants on the ground. But immediately these beings retreated into their nearby ship and quickly disappeared, without trying to contact the witnesses.

These cases are rare, but it is true that these stories strongly strike the minds of those who know them. They are differentiated by the fact that in these cases there is no conspicuous behavior on the part of these beings, but on the contrary an attitude of avoidance in relation to Man, with a will to not interfere in their activities. These behaviors being totally opposite to those observed in all other cases, it seems logical to think that the origin of these UFOs and these beings are different and that the extraterrestrial origin is justified here. But these cases remain very exceptional.