While I was hiking in the Pyrenees, I observed the strange movements of airplanes above me, those planes that leave behind long and persistent trails, what we call chemtrails.
It was south of Pau (on the French side of the Pyrenees), underneath an air corridor where airliners head south, towards Spain. The weather was clear and the atmosphere calm (no wind, except a little on the ridges).

Map of air corridors for daytime high altitude flights. DGAC
In red are corridors for planes flying south
In green, corridors for planes heading north

Comparison between chemtrails and contrails:

During my observation, I saw that all the planes were indeed going in the same direction, towards South/South West, their trajectories were indeed parallel. The vast majority of them produced low-density, short, ephemeral trails attributed to water vapor condensation. The trails were thin and lasted a few seconds. They were approximately half a mile long (evaluation based on the apparent size of the planes).

But some planes were different in that their long dense trails widened and lasted for at least an hour, they were long enough to go out of my field of observation.

Simple observation shows that there is a ratio of several hundreds between these two categories of trails in terms of persistence time. Since the lengths are proportional to the time they last, it means that the same ratio applies between the trail lengths of these two categories. It was the value of this ratio that called my attention.

  • Assuming that all these trails are created by condensation of water vapor, is it possible that differences in humidity, due to possible different altitudes, could explain such a ratio? In fact, this is absolutely impossible. Anything like long persistent trails observed today did not exist prior to the 1990s.
  • Assuming that all these trails are created by condensation of water vapor, why would there be two categories of trails so different (by their persistence and their length), without any continuity between them. In fact, in fine calm weather, trails due to condensation that are in a ratio of a few dozens – for example trails that last 5 minutes or so, or trails 30 miles long – do not exist. (It would be different if strong winds dispersed the chemtrails sooner, but that was not the case during my observation)

As the humidity of the air necessarily varies gradually, the lack of continuity between the two types of trails means that they can’t possibly be of same nature. Persistent trails are therefore not created by condensed water vapor. They are made up of products other than water. These are chemical trails. The conclusion of this reasoning is indisputable.

Chemtrails do not cross borders!

I was really stunned when I noticed that chemtrail planes, and only they, were deviating from their route as they approached the Franco-Spanish border. As shown in the first photo and the one below (more expressive), these planes left the air corridor to head west, parallel to the Pyrenees and the border ridge, keeping a distance of ten miles from the border, until I lost sight of them.

This change of direction, which I was able to observe in the same place on several planes, means that these planes are not airliners (and that day I did not see any chemtrail aircraft proceeding any other way). They must be military planes. On the photo above, bottom left, we have another chemical trail, older, quite widened, parallel to the Pyrenees and parallel to the direction of the planes after they turned; The trail moved with the high winds but without deforming – this being an additional indication that the atmosphere was relatively clam.

What could these maneuvers mean?

  • These planes initially take an air corridor (or at least they all head in the same direction). They can thus be mistaken with airliners, this being a way to make believe their trails are normal;
  • But if they secretly spray chemicals in the atmosphere, they can only be “fake airliners”.
  • Then they obviously avoid flying over Spain and it makes sense because these sprays are illegal in all European countries so French military planes that violate the law in France could not act the same way in a foreign country;
  • These maneuvers of mingling with airliners and then systematically changing direction to avoid entering a foreign country, create confusion and appear suspicious. This is all consistent with the fact that the trails are secretly spraying chemicals, harmful to populations.