This article follows on from the article “Chemtrails – a real phenomenon” published in July 2019. We have seen that the chemtrail phenomenon has intensified over the past 20 years and has created widespread air pollution. If we accept the fact that these are aerial sprayings of chemicals, the two fundamental questions that arise are: who are the real instigators of these sprayings? And what is their real purpose? let’s first focus on the first question.

First consideration:

It is worth noting that at least all Western countries (all European Union countries, the United States and Canada) are affected by these practices. According to investigative journalist William Thomas, chemtrails began to appear in Croatia the day after the country joined NATO. This means that these practices are carried out by an authority that sits above states and encompasses both North America and all of Europe. The fact that, in none of these countries, the existence of chemtrails is officially recognized (despite the obvious and despite insistent questions from some elected officials and some associations concerned) seems to show that all governments are under the influence of this authority above them.

What could this above states authority be? Such a supranational authority dominating North America and Europe does not exist today, and any unanimous decision made by all of these countries is impossible today and in particular, a decision on a subject as sensitive as chemtrails. It is quite the other way around. All of human history shows that there have always been dissensions, oppositions (or wars) between countries (between the Americans, the French, the English, the Germans etc.). (For example, we are currently witnessing tensions on the occasion of free trade agreements).

This can be seen as a paradox, but let’s try to be logical and see where this could lead. The existence of such a consensus, the fact that all the countries of the European Union, plus the United States and Canada, at least, obey what looks like an injunction – the ban on recognizing the reality of chemtrails and on opposing these practices – seems to show that the said authority is well above the human level!

Second consideration:

A certain analogy between the UFO phenomenon and chemtrails appears.

  • The reality of UFOs is denied by all governments, despite the fact that millions of genuine sightings have been made. Likewise, the reality of chemtrails is denied by all governments, despite the evidence of their existence. These attitudes, these seemingly irrational and incomprehensible behaviors, make it clear that “something must remain hidden” from the public, something vital to the intelligences behind these two phenomena, and that governments are being silenced.
  • As a result, nothing serious is done – officially – to study the reality of UFOs, in any country despite relentless requests from the public and a number of prominent figures even from the military. And no official research is done in any country on the nature of chemtrails which .. do not exist.

However, it is accepted that the UFO phenomenon is beyond the human level, that it is non-human intelligences that manifest themselves through this phenomenon. These intelligences, these entities are most often referred to as extraterrestrials or aliens. According to some authors, like the author of this study, UFOs are an interdimensional phenomenon, they are manifestations in our material world of beings (or entities) that are usually present in another dimension.

What can we draw from these considerations?

These two considerations favor the idea that the chemtrail phenomenon is indirectly linked to the UFO phenomenon. Of course we know that chemtrails are created by planes spraying aerosols into the atmosphere, but because governments are all silenced, the real instigators might very well be those non-human entities that also manifest themselves through UFOs. Food for thought!