All the phenomena considered “mysterious” – such as UFOs , crop circles, sliding stones, falling rocks, disappearance of objects and other IDIMs – are today incomprehensible by science and are classified in the category of paranormal phenomena.

Rudolf Steiner, founder of the spiritual movement of Anthroposophy, who is one of these remarkable men who have marked the history of humanity, wrote: “The world becomes more understandable when one becomes aware of the reality described by suprasensitive perceptions – whether they have these perceptions themselves or not – by accepting their existence. All mysterious phenomena make sense when we take into account the reality of human souls and of elementary beings in the elementary etheric plane. (1) Steiner was himself a clairvoyant and therefore he had the capacity to directly perceive the beings present in the elementary etheric plane, which is beyond the sensitive material world. All his life, he worked to make this invisible world known, world populated by trapped defunct human souls of this plane, and by elementary beings, but it seems that he never expressed himself publicly on the nature of UFOs. In his defense, at the time, the subject did not make the headlines.

Wandering human souls

Spiritual science teaches that, after leaving the material plane with the death of the physical body, human souls stay for about three days in the etheric plane, before continuing their evolution in the astral plane. However, certain human souls remain trapped in the elementary etheric plane, which is located between the etheric (subtle) plane and the material (dense) plane, and remain blocked in their evolution, sometimes for long periods of time. This is the case of souls who were very attached to the material world, either to the places where they lived (often their house), or to the human beings with whom they lived.

Because the elementary etheric plane is close to the dense material plane, these human souls can manifest themselves in partially densified forms or through sounds, if their energy allows it, and they can thus be perceived by man. These are, for example, creaking doors, knocks on a wall, footsteps or lights, most often at night when the house is quiet, or also through a breath of air. Depending on the level of densification of these souls and the level of perception of the witness, these manifestations may appear in a photograph, without the human eye perceiving them. In any case, these souls remain very close to the places they inhabited during their lifetime and their action is limited to wandering around these places, – to haunt them -, sometimes to be remembered by the living. This is the real explanation for ghost visions and paranormal manifestations in homes.

It must be understood that in all cases these wandering human souls are suffering. Their consciousness has left their physical body but their excessive attachment to the material world prevents them from realizing it: they are not aware that they are dead. These souls then remain trapped in a place or a house, until their energy is dissipated or until a “ferryman of souls” helps them to become aware of their situation and to continue their evolution.

An example of such manifestations was reported and analyzed in the article “Nocturnal presence in homes: IDIMs” in this blog, dated December 12, 2016.

Elementary beings

The ways these human souls manifest themselves are therefore very different from what UFO witnesses or other IDIM may report: phenomena most often ostentatious, – which seek to call the attention of man in very different places, under very diverse forms, under very various conditions -, and above all visible to the naked eye.

Rudolf Steiner’s statement thus perfectly confirms the interpretation proposed in this study: UFOs and related phenomena – which are intelligent non-human manifestations and therefore come from the invisible world – must be attributed to elementary beings who live in the elementary plane. As the term “elementary plane” implies, it clearly expresses that it is occupied by elementary beings. The beings of nature are a category of this large elementary being family, they are those that are present in the elements of nature and, in particular, in the plant world.

As with human souls, it is the proximity of the elementary plane with the material plane that allows elementary beings (nature beings) to manifest themselves to man, to remind them of their existence. These manifestations, which involve a densification of matter, require a certain level of energy and are often short-lived.

As there is an exception to every rule, we have in mind the Chilbolton (2001) dual crop circle case where the author introduced himself in his coded message as belonging to the human species, although present in the spiritual plane. Analysis had shown – on the basis of knowledge (often little known) about human nature from a spiritual point of view – that it was a human being not embodied but having reached a very high level of evolution, who had decided to send humanity a sign of his presence. (2)

Essential spiritual knowledge

It should be added that the other entities of the invisible worlds, such as those called angels, archangels, etc., by the Christian tradition, are present in the spiritual world. But the fact they are not as close to the material world, they do not have the possibility to manifest themselves directly in it, as can elementary beings.

With this spiritual knowledge in mind, we realize that as Rudolf Steiner expressed it, the so-called mysterious phenomena become understandable when we have this knowledge and we accept the reality of elementary beings in the elementary plane which again is very close to the material world. Whether you perceive it yourself or not, it is perfectly consistent with all the observations and this makes it possible to validate it. Even if it was not expressed in these terms, this spiritual knowledge was present in traditional and religious knowledge thus corroborating the existence of nature beings. This study is based on this knowledge.

But the people of our modern age are too confined in the materialist worldview and, as a result, ignore this spiritual knowledge. Hence the extraterrestrial hypothesis proposed by science, which is quite logical but it is based on the unawareness of the existence of invisible worlds (elementary etheric world, etheric world, astral world, spiritual world). Only people open to the existence of invisible worlds can acquire a correct understanding of the manifestations from these worlds.

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