These two photographs are of course guaranteed untouched (thanks to Emmanuelle B. and Isabelle M.). In the mountain photography, the fact that the object is double, rules out the possibility of a parasitic object passing through at the moment the picture was taken. In the case of the sea photography, it is very unlikely that an insect, for example, could have left such a long trail with a camera whose usual shutter speed is 1 / 60th or 1 / 125th of a second. These photographs represent (literally) unidentified objects in the sky. They do not show the potential movement of these objects, but you can easily imagine that they were moving, and that they are literally unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The characteristic these two photos have in common is that neither the photographer nor the people around her saw the UFO directly with their eyes. It was only in the photographs that the object appeared, and the fact that these photos are unique means that it cannot be device malfunctions.

This characteristic is very significant as it means that these objects are not material objects in the usual sense of the term, that they do not belong in the material world although they have the appearance of material objects. Their blurry contours tend to confirm this interpretation. This indicates that they belong to a different dimension but close to the material dimension. That these objects have blurred contours is a characteristic of all UFO photographs.

Like orbs, which have the same characteristic, these objects (these UFOs), are interdimensional manifestations (IDIMs).

We know that these phenomena are not permanent; if the photos had been taken again one moment later, they probably would not have shown the same phenomenon, or at least not in the same place.

As in the series of images below:

These photos are even more significant because the shape of the mysterious object is not geometrically simple, and its shape changes as it moves. This means that there is an intelligence “present in” these objects, or connected to these objects.

An intelligence present in a different dimension and close to our material dimension …… Spiritual science teaches that nature beings live in the elementary plane, which is an intermediate plane between the (subtle) etheric plane and the (dense) material plane . The interpretation that logically follows is that these photographed objects are manifestations of nature beings. UFOs, or more generally IDIMs, are manifestations of beings of other dimensions.

You too might have unusual photographs, which could complement this article. If so, please send them to Daniel Harran. It will be most appreciated.