This article is about a phenomenon similar to the one analyzed in the precedent article: what looks like “light strings”, appears in some photographs, although the people present at the time the pictures were taken did not see anything of the kind. We are therefore dealing with interdimensional manifestations. But the difference between the 2 articles is that:

  1. in the first article, the originators of the phenomenon (elementals, according to our interpretation) used existing sources of light (candles) and “stretched” them;
  2. whereas in the cases analyzed in this second article, there is no visible light source that could possibly explain the phenomenon (no candles). There was necessarily some production of light, but light of a different “quality” from natural light because it was invisible to the people present. A possible interpretation could be that, as with orbs, the light came out of a parallel world.

First photograph

The above photograph was taken in a ruined chapel, without a flash. What strikes us here is that decorations are planted on the person photographed: two kinds of exactly symmetrical white epaulettes and practically “in their proper place”, as well as a white spot suggesting a handkerchief sticking out of the breast pocket. These lines and the white spot are not parts of the garment. They were added to the photo. Such a photograph looks incredible because it is of course guaranteed without retouching.

These pseudo decorations reveal that an invisible and facetious intelligence manifested itself in this manner. An orb can also be seen very clearly although there was a large number of them in the original photo (this is an enlarged copy). This suggests that the origin of these mysterious decorations is the same as for the orbs. We have also seen that, according to spiritual science, only elemental beings have the capacity to manifest themselves in this way, thanks to their capacity to act on matter and on light.

Thanks to Tony and Martine for this exceptional and very informative photograph.

Second photograh

The second photograph above, is also exceptional. It was taken with a flash, but in no way can this explain the presence of this “luminous string”, and nothing was noticed by the photographer at the time the picture was taken. It is as if an underhand light source, invisible to the naked eye but to which the photographic sensor is sensitive, moved during the time it took to snap the picture, to then stop precisely above the young boy’s head. As in the previous example, this interdimensional manifestation suggests the presence of a facetious intelligence, which by acting this way, wanted to attract the attention of the people present. Remember that elemental beings are facetious and enjoy playing tricks on humans.
Thanks to André for this original photograph of his son.

At the center of a crop circle

The third photograph was taken in the center of a crop circle at night, using a flash. Here again, it is as if a light source, invisible to the naked eye, moved – zigzagging – during the time it took to snap the picture. Interestingly, the tip of this “luminous cord” is perfectly centered in the photo (the latter has not been cropped). This accurate positioning, and the very existence of this “cord”, again reveal the presence of an intelligence that wanted to attract the photographer’s attention. According to the interpretation developed in this analysis, this invisible intelligence can only be that of an elemental being. These beings usually live in a parallel world but have the possibility of manifesting themselves in our material world.

The person who took the photo had decided to spend the night in this fresh crop circle, with the intention of witnessing phenomena that could possibly occur. At one point, he sensed a presence near him (but he couldn’t see anything), and he then took several pictures blindly, this one included.

Thanks to Laurent for sharing this photograph (taken at Windmill Hill on August 7th, 2009).