Extract from the introductory page of the “Listen to the Earth” site:

In these crucial times in which we are living, humankind feels more and more concerned about strange signs in the sky (UFOs), messages found in fields (crop circles) or other manifestations sent by non-human intelligences.

Then the basic questions one may ask are: who are these intelligent entities revealing themselves to us? and what are their motives?

Modern scientific knowledge cannot explain these manifestations and thus cannot answer these questions. Trapped in their materialist vision of the world, most people either refuse to recognize the reality of these phenomena or, not knowing what this is all about, put them down to hypothetical extraterrestrial beings, although the extraterrestrial hypothesis is often incompatible with what has been witnessed.

@Daniel Harran to Gildas Bourdais, November 21, 2018

(Following the “UFO and Nuclear” conference held on 6 November in Paris)

Dear Gildas Bourdais,

I was told at the end of the “UFOs and Nuclear power” conference I gave in Paris on November 6th, 2018 that you were in the audience. I looked for you but nfortunately you had left.
I want to thank you for showing your interest in the subject by your presence. I am also interested in getting your insight and have your point of view – as a recognized specialist in the UFO phenomenon – as to how I addressed the subject.
I suppose you already knew the gist of the facts that I developed, but perhaps not all of the evidence that I have gathered about the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. I referred very quickly to the UFO crash at Roswell in 1947, which you analyzed yourself in several of your books.
But what most matters, in my opinion, is how these facts could be interpreted and understood.
I am well aware that the interpretation I put forth via elemental beings, is still little known and is not shared by most people, in particular by specialists. The extraterrestrial hypothesis is still deeply ingrained in people’s minds.

Let me stress however that several decades ago Jacques Vallée, wrote:
“I’d rather believe that the UFO phenomenon is an indication of the existence of other dimensions beyond space-time; UFOs may not come from space but from a “multiverse” around us, the disturbing reality of which we persist in denying despite the evidence we have had for “centuries.” Jacques Vallée’s idea is that we are being manipulated by a mysterious “controlling force” that deceives us about its true nature.

Fabrice Bonvin wrote, in his preface to my book « Les ovnis et le nucléaire » (UFOs and nuclear power):
“The extraterrestrial hypothesis is not adequately equipped to account for the fundamental properties of the UFO phenomenon. “Its characteristics militate for a hypothesis involving some intelligence very close to us that has been interacting with the human species since” time immemorial. “On this question of the origin of UFOs, Fabrice Bonvin expresses that his philosophy (the Gaia hypothesis) is very close to mine (through the elementals) and differs by only one nuance. “

Jean Sider also came up with a similar interpretation. In his book « Extraterrestres, mystère et magie des enlèvements” (Extraterrestrials, Mystery and Magic of Abductions), he writes:
“We have put forward a great deal of comparisons between modern encounters with so-called Extraterrestrials and encounters that people had in bygone days when confronted with these elusive figures whom the mainstream considers mythical. They are so numerous that there is no room for doubt, they are indeed the same entities who had given themselves “different identities”.

Marie-Thérèse De Brosses, in her book « Enquête sur les enlèvements extraterrestres”(Investigation on extraterrestrial abductions), writes:
“Writers like John Keel, Jacques Vallée and Jean Sider, view the UFO phenomenon as the current manifestation of a staging skilfully orchestrated by a protean form of intelligence still present around the earth with the inclination to deceive us”.

I proposed an in-depth study on the nature and origin of UFOs in the book « Ovnis, crop circles & MIDIM » (UFOs, Crop Circles & IDIM) which you may have read. From the rational analysis of fifteen sighting reports well known to ufologists, I established a typical profile of intelligences associated to UFOs. Since scientific knowledge cannot account for these behaviors, I looked for other sources of knowledge, disregarded by science. Many little-known texts and testimonies, traditional or contemporary, Islamic texts and spiritual science accurately describe earthly entities that the Ancients knew well, and that we, today call elemental beings. Their existence has been forgotten by humans because these beings usually live in a world parallel to ours and are invisible to most of us. One interpretation accounts for all the characteristics of phenomena such as UFOs or crop circles etc. ; This interpretation is that they are inter-dimensional manifestations (IDIM) whose origin is earthly. This interpretation does not rule out the idea that extraterrestrial civilizations exist, and may even be present on Earth, but that’s a different topic.

My objective, through this message, is not to convince, it is only to lay emphasis upon the approach I use in my conferences. I consider myself as a “seeker of truth” and I study UFO-type phenomena with as much objectivity as possible, from the premise that current science is not equipped to provide satisfactory answers on these subjects, and that these answers must therefore be sought elsewhere.
Through the conferences that I give, I want to share my understanding of these phenomena, still unexplained by science.
At the same time I use all the feedback I receive from other researchers in order to refine my interpretation. It is in this mindset that I am sending you this message.
Thank you for your attention, and I hope that I will soon have the pleasure to hear from you on the subject which I know is of great interest to you as well.
Sincerely, Daniel Harran

@ Gildas Bourdais to Daniel Harran, November 24th, 2018:

I attended your conference with interest, together with Marie-Thérèse de Brosses. We appreciated the first part which was factual, on the UFO and nuclear issue, but, I strongly disagree on the second part. We both would have liked to discuss it with you but the conditions were not most suitable for such a complex discussion.
Your mail gives me the opportunity to briefly summarize my thoughts as best I can on UFOs based on the many pages I have written on the subject.

I am quite familiar with the theories you mention, having read, in particular, the books of Vallée, Sider, Keel, and more recently Bonvin. Let me remind you of my response to Vallée’s arguments against the extraterrestrial hypothesis, which he published in his book “Autres Dimensions”, but I will not quote them all here. Vallée highlights, in particular, the disproportionate number of UFO observations, all too often absurd accounts, and their resemblance to old myths. His uses strong arguments which other authors have taken up and developed, but not strong enough in my opinion, to prevail over the extratrerrestrial hypothesis.

Let me summarize my view in a few words.

I think,, that there is a very ancient “ET” presence – following many others – going back to the origins of mankind. This presence is reflected in myths and religions. Just one example: In the Bible, and the Book of Enoch, it is said that the “sons of the gods saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful and they bore them children.” These legends rather suggest “gods in flesh and blood”! As far as religions, I would mention the “The miracle of the dancing sun” at Fatima. Witness to the phenomenon, Professor of medicine Almeida Garret accurately described a UFO.

What does this all mean? That we have been guided for a very long time. But by whom? By a “superior and mysterious intelligence hiding in another dimension”, according to Vallée? And this intelligence would hide its true nature by trying hard to make us believe in ETs? The trouble is, it would also play all kinds of absurd tricks on us to ridicule the extraterrestrial hypothesis. At this point, Jacques Vallée’s argument sounds positively contradictory and obscure,.
I do believe the extraterrestrial hypothesis still holds water. Let’s try to summarize it in an nutshell.

ETs are here, and some of them have been here for a very long time. At the beginning of the nuclear age, with its associated risks, they decided to start to manifest themselves, hence the different waves of UFOs observed ever since, and yet keeping one foot on the brake – leading to originating absurd stories – to avoid too dramatic a culture shock and our society going out of control. Let’s keep in mind that they may have genetically manipulated us, if certain controversial revelations are anything to go by (cf. the “MJ 12” documents). If that was only half true, it would be a bombshell. That would be enough to explain the secrecy policy of the Americans since the war, followed by most other countries. As for the nuclear power issue, the ET message might be like, “Be careful with your nuclear weapons.” They are very dangerous. We will not let you damage this planet! ” If this is their message, it is reassuring!
But things are starting to move slowly, because we have to move forward. Hence the recent revelations by the Pentagon, which had denied everything for fifty years. I believe this is where we stand today, at least for the most part. Sincerely, Gildas Bourdais.

@Daniel Harran to Gildas Bourdais, December 3, 2018

Thank you so much for your response, further to your attending my conference on November 6 in Paris as well as to the message I sent you subsequent to that.
I find it interesting that such an exchange and even a discussion between us – two authors on the UFO phenomenon who have different points of view on the nature and the origin of the phenomenon – is taking place. I think we both are authentic “seekers of truth”, and that the truth is bound to emerge one day from the confrontation between different viewpoints.
You explained why you are still in favor of the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis, despite the arguments developed by Jacques Vallée, taken up by a few other authors, and of course I respect your stance.

The interpretation that I have myself been defending for 10 years is different and is based on the knowledge of elemental beings, beings who inhabit the Earth, who are intelligent but live in another dimension, different from ours. The difficulty is that this knowledge has been forgotten by Man today. My work so far has been to gather a number of sources of knowledge, from various origins, reporting on the existence of these beings along with a description of them.
The question of the origin of UFO-type phenomena, and of so-called mysterious phenomena in general, is issential.

I first studied the crop circle phenomenon, then the phenomena of the Col de Vence (falling rocks, disappearance of objects, orbs, etc.), and then the UFO phenomenon. It appears to me that all of these apparently very different phenomena can be interpreted through the knowledge of elemental beings (I have published six books to date). This in itself could be a strong argument supporting this interpretation.

In my opinion, “Encounters of the 3rd kind”, based on Allen Hynek’s classification where human beings found themselves facing beings of more or less humanoid appearance, would tend to support the ET hypothesis. So I decided to study the abduction phenomenon. I wrote a book on the subject, which I entitled “UFOs, Abductions, and Extraterrestrials – Fascinating Discoveries.” Unfortunately, the book will not be released in bookstores until April 2019. I would have liked to offer you this book to fuel this exchange between us. Otherwise, I will offer you some extracts.

Extract from the book back cover page:

or the first time ever in specialized literature on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings, this book provides new, substantiated and astounding answers to two basic questions that humankind has been asking for ages:

  1. Planet earth is indeed being visited regularly by space travelers from extrasolar planets. They do not involve themselves in Earth’s affairs, but rather, conduct themselves as neutral observers of its progress…
  2. This phenomenon is addressed here using a novel approach.

Let me take this opportunity to add a paragraph of my upcoming book in which I developed “the inconsistencies of the extraterrestrial hypothesis”.

Flaws in the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. Extract of a book by Daniel Harran on the abduction of humans into UFOs. (to be published in 2020).

The extraterrestrial hypothesis is strongly rooted in the minds of most people, probably because it is the only one that is considered compatible with today’s science. This hypothesis bases itself on the fact that the abductors portray themselves as non-human beings. They take their victims into a space vessel and in a large number of kidnapping accounts, they tell their victims that they are from such and such a star or such and such a constellation of our galaxy. They themselves, therefore, deliberately come across as extraterrestrials.

We have seen in the previous chapter that, in all of the cases studied, the behavior of the visitors was based on the principle of non-interference, which was demonstrated through their prudence and avoidance of all contact with human beings—and in the cases where this was not possible, their attitude was one of absolute respect. This behavior is totally opposite that of the kidnappers, who behave as beings devoid of any respect or morality. They are also deceitful, which does not inspire us to have any confidence in what they say. It is clear that, if the kidnappers were also representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, these civilizations would stand out as being quite different from those of the non-interfering, pacific visitors. Is this extraterrestrial hypothesis therefore a realistic one when applied to the abductors?

  • The correlation between the level of evolution and the ability to travel in space: It is natural to accept that a civilization coming from another star system and capable of travelling through space to visit the Earth would be necessarily more advanced than and superior to our own earthly human civilization. The ability to travel in space requires a high level of evolution—a level that is definitely higher than ours.
  • The correlation between the level of evolution and noble qualities: From what we have observed on Earth over a long period of time, we can see that a superior principle is at work in all forms of life, a principle that shows everything evolving toward perfection, even if opposing forces are visible at the same time. This principle applies not only to a civilization’s individuals, but also to a civilization as a whole. Do we not say that a person capable of remaining serene in all circumstances and always good toward others, has reached a high level of wisdom and is a person who is evolved? On the other hand, a person who is always angry and in conflict with others is considered as not being very wise nor evolved. It thus seems natural to correlate the level of evolution of a being or of a civilization with the noble qualities it is capable of showing: noble qualities such as respect, kindness and goodness.
  • The correlation between the ability to travel in space and noble qualities: From these two observations, we can suggest a direct correlation between the ability to travel in space, which reflects a high degree of expertise, and a superior degree of emotional intelligence, which reflects the ability to exhibit the noble qualities of kindness and respect, among others. A civilization, therefore, in order to engage in space travel and encounter other civilizations, should have attained a sufficient level of evolution, should have gone beyond the stage of conflicts, and should have developed respect for others. This is what we saw in all of the cases of “close encounters with avoidance” in chapter 5. But when we look at our own civilization, it is still quite marked by egocentrism—egocentrism that is so developed that it has led to exploiting other human beings. Our civilization of today is also marked by incessant conflict, and therefore lack of respect for others. Indeed, it is evident that our civilization is not ready to undertake interstellar travel, as it is still at a rather low level of evolution.

What stems from this reasoning is the idea that these abductors–who show up without any respect for their human victims–demonstrate an inferior level of emotional intelligence, and consequently would not really be representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

  • The abductors are at an inferior level of evolution: In chapter 4, we revealed that:
  1. the abductors intrude upon the lives of their victims without any respect for human dignity.
  2. the serious trauma that the abductors inflict upon their victims without any apparent remorse shows that they have no moral conscience.
  3. the abductors attempt, more often than not, to erase the memories of kidnapping from the minds of their victims. This can reveal that they are conscious that these practices are contrary to ethical behavior and disrespectful of humans, but they nonetheless continue with their practices most likely to satisfy their own interests.

These three observations reveal an inferior level of evolution.

  • A species that is apparently inferior: Furthermore, a contradiction appears between the extraterrestrial hypothesis—related to a high level of evolution- and the kidnappers’ apparently absurd behavior. Indeed, the final aim of the pseudo-medical protocol consisting of sexually violating their victims, is incomprehensible to us. From a certain perspective, this procedure calls to mind a species that is at an inferior level to a human species, an inferior species who would be trying to improve itself through the implementation of a plan of mixing or of genetic manipulation. Their insistence on performing kidnappings over and over again in large numbers shows that the kidnappers’ species would need the human species to assure its own survival, or at least its evolution. Nothing here is compatible with the idea that the abductors would be representatives of supposedly superior extraterrestrial civilizations; the extraterrestrial hypothesis is not at all coherent with these observations.
  • Too many kidnappings: The inconsistency of the extraterrestrial hypothesis is still accentuated by the very large number of estimated abductions. Taking into account that this phenomenon is not well known, that the victims are not always conscious of what they experience and that they rarely dare to talk about them out of fear of not being taken seriously because of the outrageousness of their stories, certain studies have estimated that the number of human abductions over these last decades could be in the millions—and in the United States alone. This estimate would even be greater if we took into account that the UFO phenomenon dates back at least to antiquity, as explained in chapter 3. Why would an extraterrestrial civilization–supposedly more evolved than us– need to abduct human beings in such large numbers and practice pseudo-medical protocols on them? No—the large number of kidnappings taking place is not compatible with the extraterrestrial hypothesis.
  • Never any explanation nor communication: Furthermore, we have seen in the accounts in chapters 1 and 3 that the abductors very rarely answer their victims’ questions. When they do, it is just to provide some “words” to calm their victims down, while claiming that, anyway, they will not remember anything of their abduction. Even though in the cases reported in chapter 5, where witnesses encountered visitors from space, the visitors are always very caring and respond clearly to all questions asked—there is never, on the other hand, any real communication between the abductors and their victims.

Thus, the disrespectful behavior of the abductors reveals their inferior level of evolution. Their insistence on showing up in large numbers and intruding on humans with their apparently absurd procedures is not coherent with the extraterrestrial hypothesis. In fact, the extraterrestrial hypothesis is by “default”: proposed by ardent supporters of science who cannot envision any other explanation. This hypothesis is, in fact, compatible with the materialist vision of the world that dominates humanity today. But it is not at all coherent with the characteristics of the abductions.

Deceit and lies : Thus, if we are to disregard the extraterrestrial hypothesis, two conclusions must be made :

  • The abductors, pretending to be extraterrestrials with their space vessels, are intentionally deceiving us and lying to us.
  • To answer the question as to the identity of the kidnappers, let us begin by taking another look at the two main studies previously mentioned: the study carried out in Celtic countries by an ethnologist, and the study based on the compilation of all of the Koranic texts from the Maghreb.

More on my message: It goes without saying that later into the book, I present the arguments – the knowledge in favor of the elemental being interpretation I should say – to explain UFO-type phenomena. But I insist and stress that I do believe that beings that are really extraterrestrial regularly visit the Earth, and bring about encounters of the third kind.

I wanted to be as clear as possible but I realize my message is very (too) long. Sorry about that. This exchange can be kept active if you so desire.

@Gildas Bourdais to Daniel Harran, December 4, 2018

Thank you for your reply. I would like to briefly respond to your second mail, which I read carefully.
I find your argument questioning the extraterrestrial hypothesis regarding abductions, interesting. It certainly is well thought-out but a couple of points remain questionable in my opinion.
First, I am not truly committed to the idea that a more advanced civilization (mastering interstellar spaceflights) would necessarily be more spiritually advanced. The non-interference argument does militate for it, I’ll grant you that: They know us and they observe us, but discretely and apparently they do not intervene. But there are ancient accounts relating conflicts between “gods”, and that is somewhat worrysome! Our whole history shows that a civilization may progress to some point to then move backwards… Unfortunately I believe that there is no certainty in the matter.
Now what do all these abduction accounts mean? One aspect that keeps surfacing is the collection of eggs and sperm, in all likelyhood for genetic experiments. Likewise for animals. Is their objective to populate other planets? Or is it to reconstruct their own genome? Let’s keep in mind that as I mentioned in my first message, they may have intervened in our own evolution… This is probably the “most sensitive” point of the whole UFO issue, and that alone could account for keeping it secret. This is the kind of assumption that should not be dismissed out of hand.
I don’t want to be too long and I’ll stop here, but I believe these few remarks are good enough not to rule out the extraterrestrial hypothesis.
May I also recommend the latest book by Dr Roger Leir, unfortunately deceased: « Contacts Ovni. La dernière frontière » (2012).

Best regards