March 20, 2003, this statue of the Virgin Mary weeps tears of blood in Caracas, Venezuela.

Weeping statues refer to a phenomenon that some consider miraculous, while some others think of it as deception, and others as an unexplained physical reality. Some statues, paintings and other icons of Christ and the Virgin Mary start to weep blood or oil overnight. Fluid comes out of the eyes like tears, or seems to come out of the wounds like blood. The phenomenon has been observed many times in our modern times in countries of the Christian religion but also on statues of Buddha.

Very succinct description: Nowadays, we do not believe in the reality of these things, we rather consider them as beliefs from another age. Yet, this strange phenomenon is very real and exists all over the world, but like all phenomena unexplained by science, very little is said about it and it is ignored by most people. No trick has been discovered, and the faithful flock to witness these “miracles” while the church, by tradition, remains very cautious about these events.

A statue weeping teras of blood. Sacramento, California.

So far, no rational explanation has been given. These “blood tears” may appear intermittently dozens of times, for example, or they may flow slowly over several hours. X-ray analyses confirmed that there were no tanks of any kind or any fraudulent mechanism hidden inside the statues. Respected doctors as well as ecclesiastical authorities carried out investigations, without being able to draw any conclusions. Analyses have shown that the liquid could be considered human blood, but the low number of red blood cells it contained seemed to indicate that the blood was very old. However, the fact that the blood could flow over a long distance before clotting would seem to indicate, on the contrary, that it was fresh blood, and it should then have contained millions of red blood cells. Because modern science cannot provide a solution to this issue, the mystery remains unsolved.

A rational interpretation: IDIMs

As we have shown on the “Listen to the Earth” site and on this blog, a fair number of phenomena unexplained by science can be consistently explained if we consider them as interdimensional manifestations.
These “tears of blood” which flow only on religious statues, paintings or icons are not a natural or mechanical phenomenon. These spills of “blood that is not blood” seem to occur in order to intrigue humans, to call our attention. The fact that they flow exclusively from the eyes or from wounds – on plaster objects or on painted canvas – shows that there is clearly an intelligence behind, an intelligence capable of producing these fluids while being invisible. , which therefore comes from a parallel dimension. This phenomenon of “weeping statues” represents a manifestation in our material world, produced by intelligences present in a parallel world, in a subtle plane: an IDIM. We can even add that these intelligences have a facetious or farcical nature.

An earlier article on this blog (“An Essential Spiritual Knowledge: The Two Kinds of Physically Perceptible Entities”, June 2017) showed that, according to spiritual science, only beings present in the elemental etheric plane – which is close to the material world – can manifest themselves physically in our material world in order to be seen by humans. The form of this manifestation has nothing to do with haunting and it cannot be attributed to deceased human souls. Those who manifest themselves in this way are consequently elemental beings. These beings indeed have the capacity to master matter which enables them to create all kinds of things which for us looks like miracles. They also have a mischievous nature.

This interpretation may offend believers, but it must be remembered that the elementals are known by traditions and are described as playful and prankster beings.

A statuette weeping tears of blood. Merida, Venezuela.

A significant coincidence: In the photo above, taken in a church in Mérida, Venezuela, three orbs can be clearly seen very close to the “weeping statue”. We have proposed in another article on this blog (“On the nature of orbs”, April 2018) the interpretation that orbs can be produced by condensation of energy, related to the presence of elemental beings. So, the presence of these three orbs in this exceptional photograph – without being evidence that the tears of blood are produced by elemental beings – weighs however in favor of this hypothesis, and could represent some sort of signature by these elementals .