In May 2012, based on the work of hermeticist Enel and also on the geometric pattern below, Sandrine built a device to emit and receive shape waves, The apparatus is made up of:
– an equilateral triangle, inside a circle of 6.4 inches in diameter,
– an outer concentric circle of 10 inches in diameter,
– and two small circles placed between the two concentric circles, on the two vertices of the triangle.
Every day for two weeks, from 9 May 2012 to approximately 23 May, Sandrine trained and concentrated in order to first, receive and then send out positive thoughts of goodness and fairness, with application and perseverance. Sandrine sent her thoughts in an easterly direction, out of Chartres, France, her home town.

Representation of the shape wave emission-reception apparatus used in May 2012

A few days later, in early June 2012, a crop circle was discovered in a wheat field in Checy, near Orléans, France. Sandrine was stunned when she realized that the motif of the crop circle was virtually the same as the one she had drawn to emit her shape waves: in both cases there was an equilateral triangle in an inner circle, and a concentric outer circle, diameters being in the same proportion in both cases.

However, there were two differences:
– the crop circle pattern was made up of three small circles instead of two,
– the small circles were placed at the vertices of the triangle and not between the two bigger circles.
But several observations support the idea that there is indeed a close connection between these two events.

  • According to the regional press that reported on the crop circle at the time, it was discovered by a passing microlight pilot who took a picture (just one photo available). The press article, dated June 26th, mentions that a complaint was filed with the gendarmerie on June 6th (we can assume that, out of ignorance, the owner of the field complained about individuals tresspassing on his private property and damaging a portion of his wheat field). The farmer must have discovered the crop circle before June 6th, and it is fair assume it was discovered around June 4th. But the field being in a plain area, the crop circle was not easily visible from the ground and could have been created even earlier, at a date closer to Sandrine’s action. So, even if the dates are not known precisely, the match between the two ocurrences is noteworthy.
  • Furthermore, if Sandrine’s apparatus points in a given direction (the axis of symmetry of the geometric figure), which corresponds to the direction of emission, the crop circle has three axes of symmetry. What comes to mind is that this motif is also an emitter of shape waves, and that these axes of symmetry are also directions for emitting. However, it turns out that one of these axes is heading north-west … this direction is roughly the direction which connects Orléans to Chartres, Chartres being the place Sandrine sent her message from! This is another coincidence.

Several coincidences exist between the emission of waves from Sandrine and the formation of this crop circle:

  • a striking analogy between the patterns,
  • a very good correlation between the dates,

the fact that the crop circle is oriented in the direction of Chartres where the wave was emitted from.
These coincidences cannot be due to chance. There has obviously been a cause and effect relationship between the emission by Sandrine’s emitter, and the creation of the crop circle at Chécy near Orléans. This implies that the authors of the crop circle who, according to the interpretation developed in Daniel Harran’s study, are elementals. The latter perceived Sandrine’s emission, they perceived her thoughts linked to great universal values ​​of beauty, kindness and truth, and they wanted to respond to it… their own way. And through this response, not only do they manifest their presence in Checy, but they also reveal that they can perceive human beings actions.

Two questions arise following this analysis:

  • Why did it take six years for this event to be revealed? 2012, date of occuurrence and July 2018, date of this article. Why did it take so long to propose an interpretation of the motif drawn in 2012? The answer is simple: it was in June 2018 that Sandrine learned about the interpretation of crop circles proposed by Daniel Harran, and she contacted him to share her experience with him.
  • Why this distance of 43 miles between the place of emission (Chartres) and Chécy, where the elementals’ response came from ? In other words, why choosing this location to materialize the crop circle linked to Sandrine’s thoughts? This question remains unanswered to-date.

Note: The elementals’ response was apparently sent toward Chartres, but, Sandrine’s emission was meant to be directed east, not Orleans. However, we know that the elementals live in a different space-time, and the notions of space do not necessarily have the same values.

Thank you to Sandrine Berger from Chartres for sharing her experience and this very enriching information. This experience shows that there can be a real interaction between elementals and humans. Humans who generally are not aware of it. Other cases where crop circles were drawn in response to a thought or an intention from humans have been observed in the past (1).

(1) Daniel Harran – “Crop circles – les clés du mystère” p 48-49.