The following account – just like the September 2018 article published on this blog under the same title is from the book « Encounters With Star People » (1), which gathers testimonial accounts reported by North American Amerindians. It may sound unbelievable in that the testimonies reported in the book are, for a number of them, very rare and even exceptional. Daniel Harran used them as backbone in his book entitled « UFOs, Abductions and Extraterrestrials – Fascinatng discoveries » (2).

Darren, an Amerindian recounts 

  • I saw an extraterrestrial once. It came to my grandfather’s house. I was seven years old. It was tall with dark skin and dark eyes. It communicated with my grandfather. My grandfather explained that the extraterrestrial had gotten lost and that it was a member of a small group of explorers sent on a mission. They got separated from each other and it got lost in our desert region. It was carrying equipment that was supposed to guide it back to the vessel, but it was no longer working. This is why it came to our house seeking help.”
  • My grandfather and I accompanied the visitor back to its vessel in the canyon. My grandfather checked for footprints that led us to a large vessel, sitting on the other side of the canyon ridge. The other occupants of the vessel came out and welcomed us. The vessel was round and had a silver—but dull– finish. There was no visible opening– We then watched the vessel rise up. But it didn’t even stir up any dust, and this was the thing that was the most surprising to me.”
  • Neither my grandfather nor I saw another vessel after that, but I have seen the star visitor twice since then. It was at my grandfather’s house ten years later when I was seventeen. The same visitor came back. It wanted to see my grandfather. They greeted each other like old friends. A bit later, the star man left for the canyon. My grandfather said that the star man had stopped by to simply greet him. He also told me that he had given the star man a bag full of turquoise stones, which made him happy.”
  • I saw him again five years later. My grandfather was almost 90 years old. He wasn’t in very good health and I was worried about him. It was late at night when the star man suddenly appeared. He went directly over to my grandfather’s bed and knelt before him. Shortly after, he left. Three days later, my grandfather died.”
  • The following summer when I went to spend a month in my grandfather’s house, the first thing I noticed when I got there was a sack at the entrance of my grandfather’s little workshop. It was the sack full of turquoise stones that my grandfather had given the star man. The star man had returned them.


1- A Friendly Relationship: The amicable relationship that developed between the visitor and Darren’s grandfather after he helped it when it was lost, makes this account unique. The fact that this friendship lasted in spite of the passing years proves that the visitor felt real gratitude and great loyalty toward Darren’s grandfather. This showed that the visitor had an honorable nature.

2- A simple man-to-man visit: When the visitor came back ten years later (it was daytime), he took the trouble of going on foot to greet the grandfather while he left the vessel hidden in the canyon. On top of showing loyalty toward the grandfather, through this simple and discreet man-to-man visit, the visitor also showed great regard for him. The visitor did not want to risk disrupting his friend’s tranquility with the imposing view of a space vessel or reminding him in any way that he may have been an extraterrestrial.

3- Telepathic communication: The details of this account (not mentioned in this summary) show that Darren was unable to hear the conversation between the visitor and his grandfather although he was standing right by his grandfather’s side. This was also the case when the other visitors greeted them in front of the vessel. We can therefore conclude that the visitors were directing their telepathic communication to the grandfather and not to Darren, who was too young at the time of the first encounter.

4- Lost and alone in the desert: It seems poignant that the space visitor, lost in an unfamiliar region with navigation equipment that had ceased to function, was as helpless as any other normal human being would have been.

5- Four more visits showed great loyalty : It is noteworthy that the extraterrestrial visitor came back just a few days before the grand-father died. This means that it apparently knew the grand-father was going to die shortly after and it wanted to pay final respects to him as would be the case with an old friend. However the bag of turquoise stones was returned later and not on this occasion. That, we know for sure because Darren – who was at his grand-father’s house until his grand-father died and perhaps even some time after that – would have noticed it otherwise.

6- Extraterrestrial visits are believed to be in greater numbers : This also means that visits to Earth by extraterrestrial visitors could very well be much more common than what we know and yet always achieved with complete discretion

(1) Encounters With Star People » by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke – Publisher: Anomalist Books (August 5, 2013)

(2) « Who are they really ? New approaches to identifying Ufos, Abductions and Extraterrestrials, by Daniel Harran (Schiffer Publissing 2021) .