The video film that supposedly shows the formation of the crop circle that appeared on August 10, 1996 at Oliver’s Castle (Wiltshire) has been written about extensively for more than 20 years. It is very spectacular because it shows a crop circle forming in a few seconds, while several balls of light make circular movements a few feet above the wheat field.

The author supposedly stayed up all night hoping to capture a crop circle forming in the field from the top of a hill. In the early morning, he was alerted by an unusual sound and he activated his camera. Hence the recording which has since been widely broadcast on the Internet ( But this video turned out to be a hoax, for several reasons.

  • From a technical perspective, the video is suspect because there is almost no movement of the camera, which from the beginning is perfectly centered on the movement of the balls of light and on the pattern of the crop circle, without any movement being necessary to orient the camera.
  • The camera angular view is fixed from beginning to end, without the cameraman trying to zoom (in either direction), whereas in such circumstances it is expected to zoom in on the target.
  • When, after describing two circles above the crop circle, the balls of light come out of the frame , the cameraman does not try to follow them by directing the camera or by activating the zoom!

These three remarks indicate that the film has been touched up.

  • The personality of the author of these images is far from clear. It was under the identity of John Wheyleigh that he first presented his film at the Barge Inn, a gathering place for crop circle enthusiasts, but he was never seen again and this name turned out to be a pseudonym. Various investigations have found him under his real identity, which was John Wabe. Then the inquiry made by Colin Andrews, after an expertise of the film and meeting with John Wabe, led to the conclusion that this video was a hoax, which the author finally confessed.
  • In addition, if this video were authentic, it would be the only one showing a crop circle in progress, while dozens and dozens of attempts have been made and continue to be made every year: this is therefore very unlikely. On the same subject on this blog is the article «Night watches set up to witness the creation of a crop circle have been unsuccessful». This situation reveals that the formation of a crop circle does not obey the laws of chance, but that it is instead the result of an intelligent action: intelligent and invisible beings are the authors.

Let’s not forget that, according to the interpretation developed here, nature beings from another dimension are the originators of crop circles. These beings are present in a subtle plane, and they can see us, even if the reverse is not true. It’s a game for them to thwart the plans we make because to these beings, we are ignorant.

  • But this video is still interesting because it shows a link with the balls of light which allegedly are involved. According to this study, (authentic) orbs and balls of light are interdimensional manifestations and are indeed one of the multiple forms of manifestation of nature beings (see “UFOs, Crop circles & IDIM – mysterious phenomena elucidated »P 240). As a matter of fact this type of light phenomenon has been often observed and even filmed, especially in the fields of Wiltshire before or after the making of a crop circle.

This is why the video film of Oliver’s Castle 1996 is relatively faithful to reality and it is not wrong to say that crop circles are made by balls of light, as geobiologist Stéphane Cardinaux wrote. Although this statement only partially answers the question of the origin of crop circles and lacks precision, it is still consistent with the interpretation involving nature beings. This is why the video is still interesting, despite the fact that it is a fake.

The numerous testimonies of people who had the chance to witness the creation of a crop circle live, show however that their authors do not need to manifest themselves in the form of balls of light while achieving their works .